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I posted Ryan singing his favorite song Santa Claus is Coming to Town, but I never posted Owen singing his favorite song… Jingle Bells!

I admit we are still listening to Little People Jingle Bell Rock CD in the car.  I know that Christmas is over, but we (me, Owen and Ryan) absolutely love this CD.  And until someone can recommend one that is equally as fun to sing along to in the car, we will continue to listen to this one.  There is nothing wrong with carrying on the Christmas spirit well into January.

The best part is that we all have all the songs memorized.  Track 1 is Jingle Bells (Owen’s favorite); Track 2 is Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Ryan’s favorite); and Track 9 is Christmas Don’t be Late (my favorite!).  And you ask about the tracks in between?  Well, we love them all.

Tonight while taking a shower Owen picked up a hippopotamus and started singing track 4 I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  It was so cute!  He knew all the words without the music even playing.

I do have my eye on the Fisher Price Little People:  Best Animal Songs CD.  Does anyone have any reviews to share?  Or do you have another fun sing-along CD you could recommend?  Another one we do love is the Curious George soundtrack with Jack Johnson singing.  Love it!!  But we lost it.  And I keep hoping we’ll find it so I haven’t repurchased it yet.  I might have to though.

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  1. That is so adorable. Isn’t it amazing what they can learn?

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