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I’m curious how many of you are active in Blogfrog discussions?  Do you have your own community or do you just participate in the discussions in others communities?

If you have your own community, how do you gain followers and active participants in your discussions?

I am fairly active in other Blogfrog communities, but I’m not that great about posting in my own community.  Mainly because I don’t have much activity in there yet. Probably because I don’t participate in my own myself.  You see the vicious cycle going on here?

So how do you get people active?  I’d love for some of my readers to join my Typical Suburban Family Blogfrog Community.  And I’d love for you to help me make it an active community!!

By the way – for any of you who are not active in the Blogfrog communities you’re missing out.  It’s so fun and there are a lot of great conversations, ideas, suggestions and resources.  It’s free (and easy) to join.

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  1. I go in spurts on BF. I have my own community, but working FT outside the home, I don’t always have time to participate.

  2. I’ve been on Blog Frog almost 8 months and love it! I started my own community and found it very difficult to get any participation in discussions. I started exploring around other communities and end up spending most of my time in other communities. I think it really takes a lot of time to develop an active community. I’ve been following your blog for months but just realized I haven’t joined your BF community–until now. 🙂

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