Our Stud Muffin is Back!

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You may think this is a bad thing, but it’s not.  Or at least the way Dr. Lipsky explained it to me today, it doesn’t appear to be a bad thing.  Our stud muffin is BACK!


Despite the random pain, crying and whimpering from our little O-wee, he is healing well and his eyes are looking great! As is was explained to me today, a portion of Owen’s outer eye muscles were cut out and then stitched back together with that piece missing. His eye muscles are tighter now and it is a strain to look certain directions. Imagine if an inch of our bicep was cut out and then your muscle stitched back together. It would hurt to stretch your arm out wouldn’t it?

Well, essentially that is what is happening to Owen’s eyes.

So while it’s uncomfortable, it’s healing correctly and everything is looking great.  His eyes are not infected and they appear to be straight.  This is all great news!

So why the glasses again you ask?

Well, Dr. Lipsky wants to keep Owen’s eyes as straight as possible with little to no effort on Owen’s part (or his brain).  He wants Owen in a pattern of seeing straight with some additional help for now.  We have another follow up appointment in 6 weeks and then it will determined if he stays in glasses a while longer or if we’re done for good.

Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll be done for good!  But in the meantime I am going to enjoy my stud muffin in his glasses a little while longer.

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  1. He’s so gorgeous!

  2. Glad to hear the surgery was a success. Hopefully, his eyes will continue to heal quickly!

  3. Aww! He does look so cute. Hopefully in 6 weeks he will be done with glasses.

  4. The glasses are so very cute so I’m kind of glad to hear they’re back for a little while too. Take LOTS of pictures!

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