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The other day Ryan casually asked “Momma?  Will you take a picture of me and Delta?  JUST me and Delta?”

Momma:  “Well of course Ryan!  Where do you want this picture of just you and Delta?”
Ryan:  “Ummm… Well, maybe on Delta’s bed.”
Owen:  “Me too momma.  Me too!”

And so the picture of just Ryan and Delta became a picture of just Ryan, Delta and Owen.

But nobody seemed to mind.





Especially Delta.  Because after the picture taking was over the boys wanted to give her treats and make her do tricks.


This is Ryan’s favorite trick to make Delta do.  He puts the treat on her nose and then Delta flips her head and catches her treat in mid air.  I know we complain about her a lot, but she really is a cool dog.  She puts up with everything and is ever so patient with these boys.

Side note:  These photos were taken prior to Owen’s eye surgery.  And disregard the fat lip on Owen (he fell off of something; I don’t really remember what) and the big ol’ boo-boo on Ryan’s forehead (he ran into the baby gate on the stairs).

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  1. I love the photos! I can’t wait until Kate is big enough to sit still for one!

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