Showing His Sensitive Side

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Who needs to leave the house?  Why ruin a good vacation by having to get showered and dressed and look presentable?

Owen and I seem to believe that the best type of vacation is one where we stay in pjs all day and snuggle every chance we can.  We’ve watched movies; we’ve read books; we’ve played Legos; we’ve baked muffins.

Daddy and Ryan have ventured out here and there, but for the most part we’ve all been house bound since Owen’s surgery on Thursday.

We managed to watch Toy Story 3 yet again.  But what I realized this time is that I have never actually sat down and watched the entire movie from start to finish.  So I did that this time.  And I enjoyed the movie from beginning to end!



I think I’ve mentioned before how sensitive Owen is when it comes to movies.  He will actually start crying during sad parts regardless how many times he has seen the movie.  And watching Toy Story 3 was no exception.  During one part of the movie the toys are all sad about something and I look over to see Owen sniffling and fighting back tears.  Then he couldn’t hold it in any longer and they started streaming down his cheeks and he snuggled up to me saying “Sad momma.  Toys sad momma.”


It’s so sweet how sensitive he is considering he is also our aggressive child with hitting and yelling and tantrums. It’s also amazing to me how he can understand the content of the movie enough to be bothered by how the characters are feeling and behaving. He really gets the plot of the movies and shows.

Side note:  Disregard my unshowered and no makeup look I have going on in this picture above.

While it may seem to the outside world we’ve been lazy, don’t be fooled. Jim did over 20 loads of laundry this week and he mopped the floors. We’ve cleaned the kitchen about 40 times; we’ve taken down all of our indoor Christmas decorations; we’ve built and rebuilt and rebuilt Legos; we’ve cleaned the toy room about 25 times; and we’ve cooked numerous meals.  I organized every closet and drawer on the first floor and have almost finishing organizing the attic and guest bedroom / office.

It’s been a busy week.  It feels good to get so much accomplished and to start the new year out in an organized fashion.  But it also feels great to just lounge with the boys, snuggle up and watch movies.


We hope your new year is starting out as great as ours!

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  1. OMG you look just like Aunt Margaret in that picture—and I ALWWAYS thought you looked like Uncle Fuzzy!
    Can you “Walgreen’s” a copy of the last picture (Owen and Ryan) for us to frame?! They are too precious!

  2. Way to go on getting stuff done. We got some cleaning done, but not as much as you. So sweet about Owen. Dustyn is the same way though. He can be soooo aggressive, but he is also really sweet and sensitive.

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