Happy New Year!

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We spent New Year’s Eve the same we have for the last 5 years.  We made our traditional surf and turf meal and just hung out at home as a family.

For a moment I actually thought we’d be doing something different this year.  I actually thought we might be having Kraft mac & cheese and hot dogs, but Jim came through and made the trek to the insanely busy grocery store at about 4pm on New Year’s Eve (thanks Jim!).

The lobster turned out delicious this year!  I baked it in the oven at 375 degrees for 25 minutes.  Every 5 minutes I would pour a little additional mixture over the lobster tails which helped it not dry out and instead soaked in the flavor.  YUM!  The mixture consisted of melted butter, fresh ground pepper and paprika.  YUM!  YUM!

Jim was in charge of the steaks which were delicious as well.  I don’t know what kind of steak it was or what he put on them, but they were good.

Then we did a little New Year’s toast with the boys.


They enjoyed doing “cheers” with each person.  And they got to drink out of breakable champagne glasses.  Filled with white grape juice of course.  For all of us actually since we didn’t have any champagne on hand.

We enjoyed a delicious meal together and then snuggled up on the couch for another viewing of Toy Story 3.  And everyone was sleeping well before midnight….. Happy New Year!

Side Note:  Owen is doing good and seems to be recovering well.  His eyes are still bloody and red and very sore, but he’s much more active today than he was yesterday and so far there is no bruising.  I hope tomorrow will be even better and that the random crying and “my eyes hurt” screams will subside.  It breaks my heart.


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  1. Happy New Years, my friend! Looks like you’ve started 2011 off well!

  2. I bet that is heartbreaking. Poor Owen and poor momma. How is he sleeping? Praying he will be all better soon! Sounds like a good evening. We had lobster tails and filet mignon tonight. It was delicious! Best part is I didn’t have to cook or clean because it was at my mother in laws. lol!

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