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Surviving a 4 Year Old

.Please tell me this is a stage that will pass.  Please tell me that someday I will look back to this age with fondness and actually miss it. Because right now I’m not enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong, we have good days.  Actually, I’m not sure I can say days.  We have good moments.  […]

Snow Globes

.Since it was 74 degrees in Atlanta yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate to finally write up our snow globe adventure.  I mean, 74 degrees and snow globes go hand in hand don’t they?? This is one of the projects we took on while we were snowed in.  And earlier this week I realized […]

My Artists

.They are so serious about their work. I love my artists. Don’t you just love them too?

Taking Your Advice

.Several months ago I asked for some decorating help.  I actually did a shout out and wrote a Calling All Decorators post.  You can see the before pictures there and compare to the new look below. My dilemma was our two story family room. First, there is a white vent halfway up the wall, but […]

How Not to Go Broke Receiving Birthday Invites

.Do you have more than one child?  Do they each get invited to multiple birthday parties each month? On average the boys are invited to 4-6 birthday parties per month.  In December, we had 9 birthday parties plus one for Ryan (he turned 4). I want to share some tips on how not to go […]

The Greatest Show On Earth…

.The Greatest Show On Earth is coming to Atlanta.  They will be at Philips Arena Feb. 17 – 21 and Gwinnett Arena Feb. 24 – 27 and you could go for free! Yes, I said free. To make it even more awesome…. it’s a 4 pack of tickets for opening night, February 17 (Philips Arena) […]

Busy Times

.Busy.  Just plain ol’ busy. I”m not sure how else to explain the last few days except for busy.  Almost overwhelmingly busy as a matter of fact. Over the weekend I decided to bulk cook a bunch of different meals and vacuum seal them with our FoodSaver I bought for Jim for Christmas a few […]

Our Dog is OCD

.How annoyed does Delta look? The funny thing is though that no matter how annoyed she gets she will put up with it. She loves the boys so much and is never far from them. Plus she knows they are messy and they leave crumbs behind them. Oh, and they love to feed her treats […]

Frogs & Firemen

.I need to admit something.  I might be a procrastinator.  I might work better under pressure. My college friend Mike might agree with you.  He might tell you that I spent long hours in the computer lab** writing (starting) papers that were due early the next morning (when I had 4+ weeks to do them).  […]

Disney Dream

.Have you seen this new Disney Dream cruise ship?  It’s ridiculous.  And I mean that in the best possible way ever. Seriously. It is heading out on its maiden voyage on January 26th.  Oh how I wish we would be occupying a cabin room on that ship-boat (as Ryan referred to it on our Christmas […]

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