Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

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On Saturday morning Jim calmly asked “Are we going to see Santa this year?”

I freaked.  I didn’t realize that this was the last weekend before Christmas.  I mean, I knew it, but I didn’t realize it.  We would be working all week and when were we planning on visiting the jolly red fella?!

So on top of the million things we already had to do, I now had to figure out a way to fit a Santa visit into the weekend.  Oh, and not just any Santa visit.  I wanted to go the same Santa we’ve been seeing for 3 years now.  And it just so happens to be one of the most popular Santa at one of the craziest, busiest malls in Atlanta.  Super.

So Sunday morning we were off to Lenox Square Mall in Buckhead, Georgia with our fingers crossed that the lines wouldn’t be ridiculous since it was the Sunday before Christmas.

We arrived and the parking lots were a mad mess.  We managed to park and get into the mall without any issues.  There were no temper tantrums from the kids or parents and everyone was in a good mood.  Could this be too good to be true?

The line for Santa wasn’t very long at all so we decided to hop right into it.  Ryan throw a slight fit that he absolutely did not want to see Santa.

Momma:  “But Ryan, if you don’t go see Santa and tell him you’ve been good and what you want for Christmas, how will he know what to bring you?”
Ryan:  “Momma.  I did.  I did tell him already that I want a Lego police station.  I did tell him at the clubhouse already.”

He had me there.  He did tell Santa at the neighborhood Santa brunch earlier in the month.  I somehow convinced him though that he needed to wait in line with Owen anyway.

After only about 10 minutes we were at Santa.  Owen walked right up and gave the jolly man a high five and hopped right on his lap.  Ryan was a little more reluctant, but decided to give it a try as well.


Santa to Ryan: “What would you like for Christmas little man?”
Ryan: “A Lego police station.”
Santa: “A police station huh?  Ok.  I will see what I can do; that sounds nice.”


Santa to Owen: “And what would YOU like Santa to bring for you?”
Owen:  “Fruit snacks.”
Santa looking confused: “What would you like me to bring?”
Owen: “Candy cane.”

Mommy had to translate for Santa and he laughed.  Fruit snacks and candy canes.  We love our O-wee!

The boys loved Santa.  They just sat there and talked to him and smiled nicely for their photos.



I love that this Santa has been in our photos each and every year.  In 2009 Ryan loved Santa and Owen screamed.  In 2008 Ryan screamed and Owen loved him.  In 2007, well, I can’t really remember.  Ryan had just turned one and we did go to see this Santa, but I cannot remember if he liked or disliked him.  And that is exactly why I love my blog.  I can capture those every day moments and remember them forever.  Or at least have an easy reference for when I can’t remember.

We didn’t have such great luck with the Pink Pig on Sunday.  The line was ridiculous and we were starving so we bailed. Plus we still had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon.  The Pink Pig stays through part of January so we still have time for this.  Plus maybe it won’t be so busy after Christmas.  Or least that’s my hope.

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  1. That’s too adorable! I hope he gets even more than fruit snacks and candy canes, lol.

  2. Nice pictures. We’ve been able to have pictures taken with the same Santa for 9 years now. The pictures come with cardboard frames. I’ve taped them together like an acordian and display them. My oldest son cried in his first picture and then looked shocked and abandoned in his second. He smiled with his twin brother and sister the third year. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Merry Christmas!

  3. Cute photos. Looks like they had fun.

  4. So cute!

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