Our Christmas Surprise Turns FOUR

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I can’t believe my baby boy is four years old.  Where has the time gone?  How can he be FOUR already?!


Every Christmas season when we drive by Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, we talk to Ryan about he made his appearance early and became our little Christmas surprise.  We tell how mommy and daddy and baby Ryan would look out the hospital window at the HUGE Northside Christmas tree that sits on top of the hospital.  We were lucky enough to have a view of this tree from our window which made our Christmas even more special as we celebrated with our newborn baby boy (five weeks early!).

For the past several years we have not received much of a reaction from Ryan as we tell him this story.  This year; however, was much different as we drove past the Christmas tree at Northside and told Ryan his birth story.

Daddy: “Ryan, do you remember when you were born there and we looked at the tree through our window?”
Ryan: “That big one there?”
Daddy: “Yes.  You were in mommy’s tummy and then you decided to come early and you were born there.”
Ryan: “No daddy.  I just popped out.  I just popped out of mommy’s tummy.”
Mommy: “Do you remember when you were in mommy’s tummy?”
Ryan: “No.”
Daddy: “Do you remember when mommy would talk to you and rub her belly when you were in there?”
Ryan: “But did you give me a flashlight?”
Mommy: “Why would I give you a flashlight Ryan?”
Ryan: “Well momma.  Because it would be dark in there that’s why.”

And how do you argue with that?!  Of course it would be dark in there.  How smart of Ryan to even think of that.

You can read Ryan’s birth story that I posted last year and how he arrived 5 weeks early with daddy in Washington, DC and mommy in denial she was having a baby before Christmas.

Happy 4th Birthday Ryan James.  You were the best Christmas surprise we could have hoped for.  We love you to pieces**!

**Side Note:  I’ve told Ryan this several times before “I love you to pieces honey!” to which he always responds with a completely disgusted look “Momma.  Don’t say that.  Don’t say you love me to pieces because that means you’re going to bite me and eat my arms and legs. Don’t say that.”  So we try to just stick with “I love you to the moon and back.”, but I do enjoy his reaction to the first statement so I throw it in there now and again just to see if he’s paying attention.  And don’t worry, I always explain to him that it doesn’t mean I’m going to bite him; it just means I love him a lot, but he’ll have no part of it.

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  1. HAHA That is TOO cute! “You’re going to eat my arms and legs”… I’m cracking up right now! I can’t wait for my little guy to say things like that.

  2. LOL. Too adorable! Love it:)

  3. Happy Birthday Ryan James. I love your name, and my almost six year old son is a Ryan James too!

  4. Aww. How cute. Happy 4th Birthday Ryan. I am going to read his birth story now.


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