Snow, Surgery and Holidays

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Monday started like any other Monday in Atlanta.  Snow flurries and cold weather.  Wait!  What?!

That’s typical weather for Colorado.  Or Minnesota.  Or Wisconsin.

Not Georgia.

But regardless, that is how this Monday started.  And on this cold wintery day Owen had a follow-up eye appointment with Dr. Lipsky.  Since Owen’s had several different appointments lately for a random rash, a follow-up ear tube check (one tube fell out by the way!) and now an eye appointment, Jim decided to take him and give me a break from waiting rooms and rushing all around Atlanta to/from the doctor, daycare and work.

This eye appointment was just a routine check to see how Owen is doing in his glasses.  Of course his glasses are broken right now.  Again. Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about him losing a lens?  Well, we bought a new lens and had the glasses fixed only to have him break them in two pieces less than 2 weeks later.  This time I refused to fix them until our appointment.

And luckily I waited.

We found out today that Owen will be having another eye muscle surgery.  When Jim called and told me this I was blown away.  I was not expecting it at all.  And to top it off the surgery is scheduled for Thursday, December 30.

My mind is spinning.  It was unexpected and is happening fast.  I totally and completely trust our doctor and do not for a second doubt this decision; however, it was just unexpected news today. I was told it was going to be a quick follow-up and nothing would be changed or done at this appointment.

I was really looking forward to a relaxing and mellow Christmas, New Year’s and week in between off of work. That’s all changed.  Now on top of the stress of the holidays, starting a new school (more on that later) I have this on my mind.

It’s hard to believe we were getting ready for our family Christmas cruise this time last year.  I wish we were getting ready for that again instead of surgery!

I’ll keep you posted on the surgery.  We have to do a few routine doctor appointments to clear him for surgery again and we won’t know the actual surgery time until December 28th.  Please say a little prayer that this surgery fixes his eyes and that we won’t have to deal with this anymore.  Although I have to admit I will really miss Owen in his glasses.  Those glasses were absolutely adorable on that little face of his!  I loved them!!

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  1. As an 28 year old with strabismus my heart goes too you, at least you are doing everything you can.

    I assume you’ve looked up vision therapy?

    I’ve had about 6 to 8 surgeries and was almost blind when they got too me, at about 4 years age.

    I live a perfectly happy life, with a wife and son (without strabismus), most of the time my eyes are straight now and with age actually seem to have straightened more in learning how to control.

    Except when tired.

    One thing I do not have is binocularvision.

    However its never held me back from anything.

    All th ebst with your son and I hope it works out for you.

  2. I will be praying for him for sure. Hoping you don’t stress too badly.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Thanks Sarah. It might be a good thing that this is an extremely busy time of year. Hopefully I won’t even have time to stress about it!! Thanks for the prayers!

  3. Surgery is no fun, no matter what time of year – but definitely not how you wanted to spend the holidays! Hopefully you’ll get this over with and get it behind you so you can start the new year fresh!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s never fun, but over the holidays?! Definitely not fun. I do like the idea of starting the year fresh though and putting this all behind us in 2010. Bring on the new year!!

  4. OK first, did you not flip out and have a bazillion questions for the doctor?! I had Dusty take Rory to an appointment when she had bronchitis and of course the doctor told Dusty a ton of things that I wasn’t expecting leaving me with unanswered questions since I wasn’t there to ask them. Good thing you have a follow up appointments if your situation was like mine!

    Also? I really hope the surgery works out. What a pain and poor Owen with all this hassle! Sending good vibes your way!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I did have a bazillion questions and Jim could answer about 2 of them. Luckily I completely trust this eye doctor and knew that another surgery would be coming at some point. I was just totally shocked it was now. Thanks for the good thoughts. I’ll keep you posted!

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