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Are you still looking for gift ideas for the little ones in your life?  Your son?  Your daughter?  Your grandchild?  Why not purchase a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that they could treasure for years to come?

I have a Freddy & Petunia original and we love it.  And I mean, love it!


Ours is a locker-type piece that has storage bins for shoes which double as benches for each boy to sit on.


It has old locker hooks on each side to hang their jackets and backpacks.



This piece sits in our foyer and the boys always know where to find their shoes and jackets now.  It’s their height ad size which make it special for them.  And only for them.

So why not purchase one of your own for the holidays?  Their website is still being finished, but you can check out more of their custom pieces at Freddy & Petunia.  And Catherine has also started blogging as well so you can check up on her latest finds and builds at the Freddy & Petunia blog.  And while you’re there, leave her a comment.  She’s a new blogger and needs some support and encouragement as she learns the ropes.  You remember what it was like when you first learning to blog don’t you?

Freddy & Petunia is a line of heirloom-quality cabinets for little girls and boys. Each of these one-of-a-kind pieces are built green with salvaged materials we find scouring flea markets to yard sales. Besides the hunt for woods and millwork, we look for all things unique, interesting—and old! Sometimes we pilfer parts off old furniture—sometimes we “re-purpose” things from unexpected places, like porch spindles. And don’t forget the fun of vintage hardware and wallpapers!

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  1. Typical Suburban Family says:

    Aren’t they amazing?! I love them!!

  2. I love that. Gorgeous!! If I had a place to put it I would buy one. Maybe in our next house.

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