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I need some suggestions on how to handle a situation that has recently occurred in our household (or actually our car)…..

There is a song on a particular Christmas CD that Ryan absolutely and positively LOVES.  Owen absolutely and positively HATES that same song.  Ryan cries if I don’t put it on, but Owen screams at the top of his lungs if I do play it.  It’s the Chipmunks Christmas song.

Yes, the song is annoying. I admit it. I used to hate it too, but it’s growing on me this season for some reason.

But back to the issue. I’ve already tried the Ryan picks a song and then Owen does and vice versa.  Owen SCREAMS the entire time the song is playing.  “NOOOOO MOMMMMMAAAAA!!!  NO YIKE (aka Like)!!!!  NO MOMMMMAAAA!!!”

Which pretty much ruins the song for everyone.

As soon as it’s over he smiles and says “O-wees turn.”

Keep in mind I’m driving a car and have limited ability to do anything more.  I can’t turn around to talk to him and reason with him.

What would you do since the three of us are always in the car together commuting to/from school, etc?  Would you play it or not play it?

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  1. I would still play it. Maybe see if it works to play Owen’s song first with the agreement that he will be quiet when it’s his brother’s turn to hear the Chipmunks song. Kids need to learn at a young age how to be peacemakers- that’s huge in our house. If they can’t sit quiet through eachother’s songs then don’t play any music in the car that day. See if the next day it happens still. Maybe taking it away all together will keep them from whining during the others turn. 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t play it in the car. I’d take the CD out and tell Ryan that you and him can listen to it together later without Owen. I wouldn’t make a big deal about it so that Owen feels left out. Or you could do the same thing with Owen and a song he’d like, but still not in the car where there’s going to be screaming, just a quiet moment alone.

    You’re a much braver Mom then I am, I wouldn’t be worried about finding songs for each kid’s turn while I was driving!

  3. I would try not having any music for awhile. Then, try again to see if they are more reasonable – not having any music might make them more willing to compromise.

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