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Strabismus Surgery Number 2

.After much stress and sleepless nights, surgery day arrived.  We were scheduled for 12:45pm and Owen was not allowed anything to eat after midnight.  And he was only allowed apple juice water and popsicles until 8:30am. This did not make for a pleasant morning. Our two year old absolutely loves his sippy cup of warmed […]

Big Canoe Christmas

.Christmas Eve was filled with family, food, conversations, cookies and presents.  It was a great night and there were no meltdowns or temper tantrums by the kids or adults. We spent the entire afternoon in Big Canoe, GA at Grandad and Grandmom’s house.  The house was beautifully decorated and presents overflowed from under the tree.  […]

My Hello Designs Holiday Cards 2010

.The holidays bring a magical element to our house.  The Christmas tree with the beautiful decorations and white twinkling lights; the Pottery Barn Kids stockings hung with care; and the fire blazing in the fireplace. I love family time.  I love being home with my boys enjoying the magic of the season.  I love reflecting […]

A Sheperd and a Sheep

.A sheperd and a sheep…. Those are what our boys were in the annual Big Canoe Chapel Christmas Eve family service at  Grandad Jim and Grandmom Janice’s house.  Ryan played the part of a sheperd boy while Owen carried the sheep. Yes, he carried the sheep. Why? Well because he refused to actually wear it […]

A White Christmas…. in Atlanta!

.We didn’t wake up to snow on the ground, but we sure got a decent amount that afternoon! It’s been over a hundred years (or something crazy like that) since Atlanta has had a white Christmas. How awesome is that?! And of course we were the crazy family out there all bundled up playing in […]

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

.Both boys are very into the Christmas Carols this year.  We bought a Little People Jingle Bell Rock CD and I highly recommend it.  We have not listened to anything else in the car since Thanksgiving.  We love it! Ryan’s favorite is Santa Claus is Coming to Town; Owen’s favorite is Jingle Bells; and Mommy’s […]

Christmas Eve Eve

.Are you ready for Christmas? Or are you like me and still scrambling for those last minute items? Heck. I still have packages that need to be shipped, but obviously at this point I have realized they are just going to be late. Some lucky recipients are going to be having an extra Christmas. Jim […]

Eversave is #3 Daily Deal Site

. I’m so excited to announce a new affiliate program that I am participating in.  It’s Eversave! Did you know that Eversave is now the #3 daily deal site in the US? View this recent article to learn more! And now I want to pass along these awesome savings to you!  Checkout this online save: […]

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

.On Saturday morning Jim calmly asked “Are we going to see Santa this year?” I freaked.  I didn’t realize that this was the last weekend before Christmas.  I mean, I knew it, but I didn’t realize it.  We would be working all week and when were we planning on visiting the jolly red fella?! So […]

Green Giant vs. Santa

.Who has the better Ho, Ho, Ho? Wasn’t that a cute little video courtesy of Green Giant?

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