Our Newest Addition: Oliver

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Our Christmas tree is decorated, the lights are up all over our front yard and our Elf, Oliver (or Ollie as we like to call him), is here for the holiday season.


Yes, you heard me correctly.  We have an elf living with us for the holiday season.  This little Elf on the Shelf is here to make sure that the Yahres boys are being good listeners, good sharers and using their manners.  They need to listen to mommy and daddy and be polite to each other or Oliver will report back to Santa that they have not been good.

Ollie arrived at our home today and the boys were thrilled.  Ollie sits in a different spot each day watching over the boys and their behavior.  And then each night when the boys are in bed, Oliver heads back to the North Pole to report to Santa how Ryan and Owen have been.  Each morning when Oliver returns to us he will find a new place in the house to watch the boys from.  When Ryan and Owen wake in the mornings they have to find where he’s sitting.  You never know where you’re going to find little Ollie.

The boys can talk to Ollie, but Ollie can’t talk back.  He’s been instructed by Santa to just stay quiet, listen and observe.  And the rule is that you can’t touch Ollie because if you do it will take the magic out of him.  So we can only look at and talk to our new little elf friend.

And to really get into the elf spirit, we watched Elf tonight with the boys.  I’m sorry, but I absolutely love this movie.  It’s stupid and cheesy, but so hilarious.  They play it over and over again all during the holiday season, but when I saw it at Target for $3.99 today I just couldn’t pass it up.

I know that it goes against all of my typical television theories and what I allow and don’t allow my kids to watch, but come on.  This movie is funny!  I realize that Buddy the Elf eats bubble gum off of a railing leading down to the subway; and I realize that he puts syrup and candy on all of his food; and I also realize that he runs, jumps on the couch and lands on the Christmas tree.  But if we watch the move together I can use these situations as teaching points of what not to do (in between laughing of course!).

There were a few times that I skipped scenes (like the buddy/Santa scene at the department store), but overall the boys laughed hysterically through the whole thing.  I won’t lie, I did too.  And the best part was that when they showed scenes from the North Pole there was one little elf that looked just like our Oliver.  And the boys were convinced that it was our elf.  It was our elf before he came to live with us for the holidays.  When he would come on the TV screen, both Owen and Ryan would give a sideways look over to Oliver who sat quietly on our fireplace mantle observing the situation.

And when the movie was over we all agreed that it was a good thing Santa sent Oliver to us instead of Buddy because Buddy is a naughty little elf!

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  1. Love the idea of having an elf in the house! That’s a MUST-DO for next year!

  2. I’m laughing about the Buddy comment at the end…what a great movie, though! Haha! Have you forgot to move him yet? I just did two days, but the situation was diverted…thank goodness! I felt so bad 🙁

  3. What a cute little elf!

    Elf is such a stupid funny movie! I haven’t seen it in years, I have to look for it next time I am at Target, lol.

  4. He is SO cute! Reminds me of the elves my grandparents used to put up.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Me too!! It totally reminds me of the elves that my mom had when I was little. I’m pretty sure those elves back then didn’t cost $30 like this one did though 😉

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this. Hilarious – I can’t wait to do it when Kate’s a little older. And Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies, too!

  6. That is so cute! What a great idea!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      It’s so fun!! The boys are loving it and so far so good… it’s working. We just have to gently remind them that Oliver is watching. It usually stops any bad behavior on the spot. Love it!! I’m sure your kiddos would love it even more because they are at great ages. Plus you could have a “naughty” elf that gets into mischief at night 😉

      • Typical Suburban Family says:

        I accidentally published it without finishing. Some people have naughty elves that undecorate the tree, or put streamers throughout a room, or does something silly like that. The kids love to get up each morning to see what the naughty elf did. Ours is a very well mannered one though that listens 🙂

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