Was it Really a Perfect Day?

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I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love our house at Christmas, but let me say it again.  I LOVE our house at Christmas.  And this year I could not wait until Thanksgiving weekend to decorate it.

All week I prepped the boys (Jim included) about how we were going to put the tree up on Saturday and get ready for Santa.  Everyone was thrilled!  Well, maybe not Jim, but he did play along and tolerate the plan.

Finally Saturday morning came and I couldn’t wait to get started.  I’m going to set the stage for the day so picture this…..

The boys both slept in for once.  They woke up after the sun rose and were both in great moods.  They couldn’t wait to decorate. They ate a great breakfast and were so helpful getting the house ready and cleaned for all the decorations.  They were great listeners and didn’t fight at all.

We spent the morning decorating the house with all of our Christmas decor.  We put all the ornaments on the tree and none broke.  We had Christmas carols playing in the background with a fire going all day long.  It was wonderful.

Around 1pm I put a ham in the oven and the boys went down for a nap.  They were exhausted and fell right to sleep.  Jim and I even got a nap in.

Don’t you wish your Saturday went as wonderfully?  I know I certainly do.

Yes, you’ve guessed it.  Our day did not go anything like what I mentioned above.  That’s what I had hoped would happen.  But here is the real story…..

Ryan woke up really early (before the sun) and came in bed to snuggle a bit.  This made Jim crabby because Ryan was talkative and Jim couldn’t sleep.  So we all got out of bed to start the day and nobody was in a good mood. Owen was still sleeping, but that is only because he was sick.  Yep.  Sick.  He woke up with a running nose and sounded all congested.  He was super crabby and just looked miserable.

Both boys begged for Apple Jacks for breakfast and neither kid ate it.  Yet both boys threw a temper tantrum when we said no snacking as they left the table.

I wasn’t going to let this ruin the day though so I brought down all the decorations and decided to follow through with the plan.  Maybe this would get them into a better mood.


I searched for Christmas carols to play in the background, but no such luck.  I could not find any anywhere.  Our CD player wasn’t working so that wasn’t an option.  I couldn’t find Christmas music on the Directv music channels and our radio wasn’t working.  Plus I realized that I didn’t have any on my ipod so we were out of luck.  No Christmas music to set the mood.  We did have a fire though and it was wonderful.  Delta enjoyed every minute of it.


Jim put the tree up and Ryan needed to be reminded about a million times to not touch and to be careful while daddy was doing it.  Next came the ornaments and unlike what I mentioned above, several did break.  Elmo lost a leg and the snowman lost a carrot nose.


Ryan was not a good listener at all.  He was sassy and naughty and talking back all morning.  He was intentionally not listening and misbehaving.  He went to time out several times and kicked and screamed each time.

Owen played quietly by himself with the nativity scene, but that was only because he was sick and not feeling well.


When it came time for naps Ryan flat out refused to nap.  He tested our patience time and time again over those 2+ hours.  He had his legos in bed with him (they were then taken away); he had every stuffed animal piled onto his pillows and then claimed he couldn’t sleep because there wasn’t any room (animals were removed from room); he got a hold of the albuterol and managed to take it a part and shove the canister in the chamber for it (that was all removed too); and then when he finally quieted down and we were hopeful he was asleep, we realized that instead he was in his room coating everything in lotion.

Owen was the only one in this house that napped.

I was exhausted.  We were defeated.  Ryan won.

It’s a good thing we have cute kids because it’s hard to be too mad at them when they look like this.



As for the house all decorated and our Christmas tree full of ornaments and beautiful lights? I’m loving it!  Don’t you?


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  1. Typical Suburban Family says:

    Agreed. And it makes for fun memories and stories right?!

  2. No such thing as perfect, but “good enough” is awesome.

  3. Maybe not a perfect day, but the tree does look great. If things had gone perfectly, you wouldn’t have had anything to write about! 😉

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Such a good point. And it’s funny how you actually remember those crazy not so fun days moreso than you remember the easy ones. Right?!

  4. I think God makes them cute in order for them to stay alive 😉
    And the tree looks wonderful!!!! ENjoy the silence and the treelight with a glass of wine when they are asleep 🙂 Just think how boring it would be without them!!!!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I say that every day. It’s especially good that Owen is cute because he really knows how to push our buttons. LOL! But he’s so darn cute and sweet that you can’t get too mad. And I have to admit I have already enjoyed several glasses of wine by light of the Christmas tree in the last week or so.

  5. It’s okay. Sometimes when we have envisioned how perfect things will go, the day is determined to be just the opposite. We went and picked out our Christmas tree on Saturday, and it was quite the topsy-turvy adventure as well 🙂

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I’m glad I wasn’t alone 🙂 They really are good kids though so an off day here and there isn’t horrible. It makes for fun memories and stories to be told. Right? At least that is what I tell myself…. LOL!

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