Who’s a Chatterbox?

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Ryan had his first official parent/teacher conference last week and he is doing wonderful.  Yes, he is not even 4 years old and yes, he has homework every night and no, I’m not sure how I feel about all of this.

But for the sake of staying focused, I will tell you about the conference and report cards.  They gave the following marks:

* if the child has mastered the skill
+ if the child knows the skill and is continuing to master it
– if the child needs additional help/direction in this skill

Ryan has mastered many skills including colors, shapes and certain numbers/letters.  He is continuing to master everything else including letter sounds, writing and recognizing letters, putting letter sounds together and counting to higher numbers.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that he needs additional help in one category.  And that would be that he talks a lot.  I’m pretty sure a lot is not even the correct term.  He talks non-stop all day long.  He announces everything he does; he questions everything everyone else is doing; and he talks to his friends and teachers all throughout the day.

On the flip side of the nonstop talking, he got great remarks and feedback for staying focused and on task.  When the teacher is doing circle time he is focused and questions everything that is going on, but it’s all relevant to what is happening.  He doesn’t go off task and start talking about what he had for dinner.  Instead he questions the book, the character and storyline.  But the key is that he talks and talks and talks.

And we love our chatterbox.  Lucky for us he’s training little brother well because Owen is following in his older brother’s talkative footsteps.  Oh, help us.

We couldn’t be prouder though.  The conference went great and Ryan is doing wonderfully.  This was from several months ago, but by the age of 3.5 years old Ryan was writing his name.  How awesome is that?!


Aren’t you proud of him too?  He’s such a great kiddo.

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  1. I seriously can’t wait until my daughter starts talking (she’s only 10 months old). It completely blows my mind that I created a new person that thinks, expresses herself, and communicates! And all independent of you!

  2. I am proud! 🙂

    focused + Chatterbox = inquisitive mind , like the stuff scientists are made of!!!

    Don’t tell him to be quiet!!!!!!!! 🙂

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