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Is your dog allowed on the furniture in your house?

Growing up our dogs were allowed on anything and allowed anywhere in our house.  There were no rules for the dogs.

So naturally when we got our own family dog, I thought the same rules would apply. Or should I say the lack of rules would apply.  But Jim had a different vision.  Our dog would not be allowed on furniture or in our bed.  Hmmm…..

I argue it and push the limits now and again.  And once in awhile Jim even caves and allows Delta on the couch.  You know, on days like July 4 when she’s scared of the fireworks. Most other days though the rule is that Delta is not allowed on furniture.

We just forgot to tell Delta the rule….

mobile upload

Yes, that would be her ear flipped back from being all snuggled up and cozy in the other room while we weren’t watching.

What does your dog try to get away with?

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  1. Too funny! Our 13 year lab/dalmatian is always trying to get away with sleeping on the couch even though she has a comfortable dog beg. Dogs love couches for some reason 🙂

  2. Mr. Typical Suburban Family says:

    I thought that it was a good idea to share my side of the story. The original basis for the rule was that Delta is a large dog that would take most of the room on the couch or bed. I also wanted to try to have nice stuff and knew that having a dog on the couch would not help. But lately Delta has also started rolling in very smelly things outside. So there is no way that I will allow a dog in the bed or on the couch when I cannot be sure that she has not just rolled in something.

  3. ….I like the “no rules apply” rule! Animals, like kids and hubbies, are meant to snuggle with. Who wants to do that from the floor all the time?!

  4. Here’s a pic of one of our puppies on the sofa with the man who created the no sofa rule…http://www.kimberlygauthier.com/365-days-of-puppies/flippin-double-standard-yall/679/

    In that picture, the puppy is on the sofa eating watermelon. Johan says it’s okay, because Rodrigo is actually on his lap, not on the sofa. Johan also thinks that when I say lower the toilet seat, he’s doing just that. If I want the “lid” lowered, then I need to say “lid.”

  5. My dog is a nut. She jumps off a chair she knows she shouldn’t be on the second she hears us at the top of the stairs.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      See my comment above about jumping on the bed when hubby would travel. HAHA! They are smart little pups!

  6. We have three dogs. They are not allowed on the couch, mainly because about five years ago we finally were able to buy nice couches. I also don’t want all the hair on the couches. I have three cats to provide enough of hair. lol
    As far as the bed goes. The dogs are not aloud on the bed while we are sleeping. They have dog beds on the floor next to our bed. They are aloud on the bed if we give them permission. They always look at us for an ok.
    Everyone’s different. I know lot’s of people who let your dogs on their couches and beds. It’s a personal choice.
    Namaste, Carol

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I agree. You have to do what works for you and your house. When my hubby would travel, the dog knew he was gone for the night if the suitcase left and when I’d tell her it’s time to go to bed she’d jump right up on the bed and snuggle in. When hubby is home she would curl up on her dog bed with the same statement. HAHA! She knew better than to ruin a good thing and she’d only jump on the bed when he wasn’t around. So smart 🙂

  7. Sorry, but I’ve got to disagree – if you let your pet go anywhere, their hair will be anywhere! We don’t have a pet yet, but when we do, furniture (including the couch and beds) will be off-limits!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I admit that while I probably wouldn’t implement this rule in our house, I do like that she doesn’t hog the bed and we don’t have hair on everything. I see both sides of it and am fine with her not being allowed on our furniture (most of the time!). LOL!

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