Gardening Season is Officially Over

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We picked the last of our tomatoes and green peppers.  Winter must be approaching.

The weather in Atlanta has been beautiful this fall.  It’s been sunny and warm with cool mornings.  However, this last week the temps have dipped down to frost warning levels.

So I picked the last of the veggies in the garden to be safe.  I’m closing the garden for the season. I even had a little helper who enjoyed carrying the tomatoes from the garden to the house. The good news is that we only lost a few to being dropped on the concrete patio.




I have to admit that I really enjoyed it.  I had no idea what I was doing going into this whole gardening experience.  Do you remember me calling it a round tomato trellis thingy?  Ok, so lets be honest.  I still call it that.  Maybe I haven’t learned much over the last 7 months.

What I did learn is that I need a bigger garden next year.  At least double the size of the garden this year.

I also learned that I will not plant beans, corn or as many pepper plants.  I will plant more peas, more cucumbers, more tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelon, lettuce, squash and onions.

I will also figure out a way to set up a better watering system.  Maybe on a timer?  Or at least rig the hose to be closer to the garden.  It wasn’t much fun watering the garden at least once (and sometimes twice) per day during the really hot Atlanta weather.

I cannot wait until the Spring so we can start our next gardening adventure.  In the meantime, once they turn red, I have A LOT of tomatoes (20+) to be used up!


Although if Delta has any say in the matter, then she’ll be helping herself to a few.


What was your favorite garden vegetable this year?  Anything not on my list that you would recommend me trying in my Garden Attempt #2?

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  1. My season is over too. 🙁 That just means it’s time to start planning for next year! I still have some tomatoes ripening too!

  2. Great job! I really need to get a bigger garden next year. We just did tomatoes and cucumbers this year.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Tomatoes and cucumbers are my favorite! We had more of those two veggies than anything else. I love to slice them up and throw some salt and pepper on them and wa-la! YUM!


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