Dentist: One Win, One Loss

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I made an appointment for Ryan and Owen’s first dentist appointments over two weeks ago and have been talking it up non-stop.  Ryan loves to brush his teeth and loves when the dentist visits the school, but he is terrified when I even mention going to visit the dentist.

I really had not idea how the appointments would go.  I had no idea if either of the boys would even sit in the chair let alone open their mouth for the dentist to look inside.

We’ve been practicing the dentist visit for over a week now.  We’ve talked about the chair and how it moves up and down.  We’ve talked about the TV they have and that the boys can watch TV while there (which is a big bonus since I don’t allow much TV).

We have practiced saying “AHHHHH!!!!” and counting our teeth.  We’ve practiced over and over and over again.

And today was the big day.  Both boys were super excited to go and asked all morning if we could leave yet.

We got there and Ryan hopped right up in the chair.  The tech gave him a ride in the chair and then talked about all the different instruments.  She let him hold each of the instruments and would show him what she was going to do on his hand first.  It was great.

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Ryan was thrilled and very curious.  He was answering all of her questions and was excited to see the next thing she had.

He let her count all of his teeth with no issues.  He let her polish them and spray water in his mouth.  He let her brush the foam flouride on them and take photos.  He did an awesome job.

Then it was Owen’s turn.

Things didn’t go so well. Owen screamed and clung on to me.  He would not even sit in the chair.  He absolutely freaked out.

So we decided not to push it and left.  On the way out though he realized he didn’t get a new toothbrush like Ryan’s because he didn’t cooperate and he decided he wanted to go back in.

So we did.

He got back in the room and he freaked again.  Go figure.

But I did convince him to sit on my lap in the chair and the tech was able to at least look at his teeth and count them.  That’s as far as we got before he flat out refused any further treatment and screamed again.

So we left again.  Without a toothbrush too.  The deal was that he needed to get his teeth cleaned to get the toothbrush.

But I still consider it a semi-win because he did at least open his mouth.  Hopefully next time he will let them clean his teeth and take pictures of them.  Fingers crossed that happens.  In the meantime, the tech did say that she didn’t see any issues to be concerned about in regard to cavities.  Good.

So we won one and lost one, but all in all it was a good experience.

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  1. Typical Suburban Family says:

    Yes, baby steps. I’m glad to hear that Tyler is improving over time! I’m hoping the same of little Owen 🙂 We’ll try again in 6 months. We’ll be talking A LOT about the dentist over that timeframe. LOL!

  2. Tyler was the same way the first time we took him. Baby steps!! Now he cooperates a bit better but he gagged and nearly threw up when they tried x-rays. So we’ll try again next time!!

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