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Our Halloween was jam packed with a lot of fun.  To kick off the weekend Great Granny and Grandma Ellie came to visit.  It was a great to have them here and spend some time with us.  We hadn’t seen Great Granny since our Holland America cruise last Christmas.

When we told Ryan they were coming to our house, Ryan’s first question was “Is Dolly coming with them?  I like Dolly.  He brought me juice on a plate whenever I asked him to.”

Can you say spoiled rotten?

Dolly was our waiter at dinner on the ship-boat (as Ryan referred to it as).  He still talks very regularly about the ship-boat and everything we did and everyone we saw on it.  It really had an impact on him even at the age of 3.

But I digress.  Back to Halloween 2010.

The boys enjoyed the new books that Great Granny brought and immediately requested that Great Granny and Grandma Ellie read to them.




We had our neighborhood Halloween parade on Saturday evening.  And if you’ve missed in previous posts, mommy is the social director of the neighborhood.  Yes, because I don’t have enough to do I’m somehow also responsible for planning 5+ neighborhood events per year for a neighborhood of 300 homes.

Great Granny and Grandma Ellie were lifesavers to me that evening.  They helped serve all the pizza and kept everything from blowing away.

And since mommy, great granny and grandma Ellie were all busy with the party, we didn’t really end up with any pictures of the event.  Bummer.

All in all it was a great weekend.  We can’t wait for our next visit with them!

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  1. It has to know this very ned at least the activity has very attractive fpr the halloween activity.

  2. Wow! Big responsibility. That would be so neat though. Wish we had that here.

  3. It sounds like a blast even though it is time consuming doing the planning. I really wish our neighborhood did things together other than Halloween trick or treating, but they just don’t. Everyone keeps to their own road. Love the pic of the book reading btw.

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