Featuring My Photographer Hubby

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Jim loves to take photos.  He was the one who convinced me that we needed to purchase the Nikon D40.  I admit that I was originally against it, but after having a newborn with quick movements I quickly changed my mind.

A SLR camera is a must with kiddos in the house.  I was even the one to push for the upgrade to the Nikon D90.   I can’t imagine being without this camera.  Seriously, it’s a must-have on any parent list.

A few months ago Jim came across an old abandoned train on his way home from work and he was intrigued with the graffiti all over the sides of it.  So we packed up the boys and went on a little adventure.  Jim got some great shots of this old abandoned train on a track that wasn’t working any longer.   He posted them to flickr and a blogger (Allison Gibson) picked them up and featured one of his photos on her blog last week, Digital Photographer.

He was so excited!  And for good reason!  Seriously, how cool is that?!  I’m so proud of him.  It’s such a great feeling when others discover your talent and recognize it publicly.  Way to go hon!

Now go out and take some more photos.  The leaves are turning a beautiful color and you need to capture it.  Hint, hint.  Love you!

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  1. I looked at it and its great! tell him an Ozzie loves it!!

  2. Typical Suburban Family says:

    Thanks Sarah! Coming from such a great photographer as yourself, I know that you can share in his excitement!

  3. That is so neat!

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