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Can Adults Throw Temper Tantrums?

.Do you ever have one of those days that just don’t go your way?  Your phone rings off the hook, emails pile up, the dog pukes, the kids are crying and fighting, the traffic is terrible, the weather is rainy and you almost run of gas because you aren’t paying attention to the gas light […]

Hotdish: A Midwestern Word

. There is nothing like a Midwestern hotdish.  And to make it even better this is a recipe that I absolutely loved when I was a child.  Making a meal for your own children that your mom used to make for you is priceless.  And the fact that it’s easy is just icing on the […]

Our Newest Addition: Oliver

.Our Christmas tree is decorated, the lights are up all over our front yard and our Elf, Oliver (or Ollie as we like to call him), is here for the holiday season. Yes, you heard me correctly.  We have an elf living with us for the holiday season.  This little Elf on the Shelf is […]

Strabismus & A New Pair of Glasses

.Ryan wants Legos and Imaginext for Christmas.  Owen apparently just wants a new pair of glasses. About a week ago I picked him up from school and he didn’t have his glasses on.  This is never a good sign.  It always means they have broken.  And sure enough.  That was the story on this particular […]

Sweet Potato Casserole

.For 4 years now, I have been responsible for making the sweet potato casserole for our Thanksgiving meal. And this year was no exception. I almost have the recipe memorized at this point, but since I only make it once or twice per year, I still need to double-check myself so I follow the recipe. […]

Episencial Party

.I love play dates.  I love hosting mommies and kiddos (and daddies too!) at our house and will do so any chance I have.  If you don’t know my day job, I am a meeting/event planner.  I am the social director of our 300+ home neighborhood planning 6+ events per year for the ‘hood.  I […]

Was it Really a Perfect Day?

.I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love our house at Christmas, but let me say it again.  I LOVE our house at Christmas.  And this year I could not wait until Thanksgiving weekend to decorate it. All week I prepped the boys (Jim included) about how we were going to put the tree […]

Who’s a Chatterbox?

.Ryan had his first official parent/teacher conference last week and he is doing wonderful.  Yes, he is not even 4 years old and yes, he has homework every night and no, I’m not sure how I feel about all of this. But for the sake of staying focused, I will tell you about the conference […]

Difference of Opinions

.Is your dog allowed on the furniture in your house? Growing up our dogs were allowed on anything and allowed anywhere in our house.  There were no rules for the dogs. So naturally when we got our own family dog, I thought the same rules would apply. Or should I say the lack of rules […]

Strong Willed and Stubborn

.Owen is a strong willed and stubborn child.  I love him just as he is and wouldn’t want to change his personality for anything, but I have to admit that it can be exhausting at times.  Really exhausting. His temper tantrums are not anything like Ryan’s were at this age.  I am certain we went […]

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