Guess What I Am?

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When Grandma Marge was visiting here this past April, she brought with her a game called Guess What I Am? We don’t play by the rules, but boy do the boys have fun guessing what each other is.

They laugh and giggle and make each animal sound that corresponds with what they are.  This past weekend they even ran around the house pretending to be that animal.

Can you guess what they were?

mobile upload

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Seriously though. How cute are they?!

What a great way to promote creativity and using your imagination.  And they practiced animal sounds and actions too!

The best though is when Owen came running into the kitchen and barked in a sweet, cute voice.  And when I turned and commented on what a nice puppy he was, he looked at me and said “No momma.  RUUUFFF!” really loud and mean and said “I not a nice puppy!  I grumpy!”

It was a great way to entertain the boys while I cooked dinner.  And speaking of cooking dinner….. we had some yummy meatloaf, Betty Crocker potato buds, cauliflower and beans on our new plates!

mobile upload

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a Betty Crocker Prize Pack (ends 10/27) and a kid plate (ends 11/4).  Two different giveaways so enter both!  And hurry!

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