Brother For Sale!

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The other night after reading books to Ryan he mentioned that his friend in school has a new baby sister. The conversation went something like this:

Ryan: “My friend at school has a new baby.”
Mommy: “Oh really? She does?”
Ryan: “Yes momma. The baby used to be in her mommy’s tummy, but it’s not anymore.”
Mommy: “Does she have a baby brother or sister?”
Ryan: “A sister momma. I like babies.”
Mommy: “Me too Ryan. Me too. I remember snuggling with you and Owen when you were both little tiny babies. You both used to be sooooo little. It seems like yesterday and now you’re both so big!”
Ryan (with a smirk on his face): “Maybe we should sell Owen. Maybe someone would want to buy him.”
Mommy (totally shocked!): “Ryan! We would never sell Owen. That would make momma so-so sad. I would cry if we didn’t have Owen anymore.”
Ryan: “Oh momma! Don’t cry. We can keep him.”

People ask me all the time if our boys get along or if they fight.  I don’t hesitate before saying they are best friends.  They truly are.

If Ryan hops up and down and asks me “Can we watch Word World?” so does Owen.  Well, first Owen has to move over to exactly the same spot that Ryan was standing in and then hop up and down and say “Watch Wor Wor!”

And if a teacher hands Ryan a snack he will always say “Can I have one for Owee too?” even if Owen isn’t there in the room with him.  He is always sure to get an extra silly band, balloon or treat for little brother.

They are best friends. No doubt.

And I’m glad he agreed that we could keep Owen.  I know he’d be sad if someone did buy him…..

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  1. funny…you’ll have to remember that story to tell them when they get older!


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