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Happy Halloween!

.Our firemen are tired from an evening of trick-or-treating so we’ll share our fun weekend storied later this week.  We had great granny and grandma in town; a neighborhood fall festival (which mommy organized) and a fun night of trick-or-treating.  To say it’s been busy is an understatement. Who is kidding who.  I’m exhausted too.  […]

Over $2000 in Prizes is Up for Grabs! Coming Soon!

.You will not want to miss this.  There are only a few days to prepare so get ready! The Blogmania Dream Team 2011 will be hosting a Holiday Open House.  Around two thousand dollars (yes, two thousand dollars) of goodies will be given away to ONE winner.  Seriously, all to one winner.  How great would […]

Betty Crocker Giveaway Winner!

.And we have a winner!  Congratulations to Hazel Nut on winning this fabulous Betty Crocker Giveaway Prize Pack.  I know you will love your potato buds, wooden bowl, spoon, and trivet. Thanks to everyone who entered this contest.  It was my bad that I didn’t close the comments out at midnight so those that entered […]

Toddlers and TV: Do You Allow It?

.I’m not a fan of the boys watching television.  I’m not against, but I don’t allow it real often. And the boys definitely know that daddy is more likely to turn it on for them than mommy is.  They’ve gotten pretty good at the manipulation of it too.  If I run to the grocery store […]

From Fireman to Tiger All In a Day’s Work

.By day, these two cute little boys go about their business being firemen and saving boys and girls from burning buildings. But watch out!  By night they transform into little tigers to save the world! The process of changing from such a cute little guy into such a ferocious tiger isn’t easy.  The process is […]

Disney On Ice: Toy Story 3

.A few weekends ago Jim had a brilliant idea. They come infrequently so we went with it. Kidding Jim, kidding. He came across some cheap, but awesome club level seats for Toy Story 3 at Philips Arena and suggested that we take the boys. I knew Disney on Ice was coming to Atlanta, but had […]

Guess What I Am?

.When Grandma Marge was visiting here this past April, she brought with her a game called Guess What I Am? We don’t play by the rules, but boy do the boys have fun guessing what each other is. They laugh and giggle and make each animal sound that corresponds with what they are.  This past […]

Healthy Kids Review & Giveaway

.Do you have picky eaters? Are you tired of telling your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables? Are healthy meals few and far between? Dinner is always tough around our suburban home.  In Atlanta it’s a long commute to anywhere (seriously!) and so by the time we pick up the boys from school and […]

Back on Track

.I don’t want to bore you with the details of why our Typical Suburban Family blog has not been updated over the last few weeks. All you need to know is that we’re back on track and ready to share our family stories and some exciting giveaways with you! A week ago we took a […]

My Hello Designs Giveaway Winner!

.Congratulations to Tami!! You won the $50 gift certificate to My Hello Designs. I can’t wait to work with you on your order. Don’t forget to enter the latest giveaway on my blog.  It’s a  Betty Crocker Prize Pack giveaway!

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