Wordless Wednesday: Delta

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I figured since I talked about her the other day regarding An Airline or a Dog I figured I would feature our pup in today’s Wordless Wednesday.

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Don’t let her cuteness fool you.  She’s a handful and full of energy all of the time.  She’s a very smart dog, but has separation anxiety and likes to follow me everywhere I go.  She’s constantly under foot and she’s not small!  She whines nonstop and won’t stay in the backyard alone.  She loves to bark at everything she hears.  She is hyper and even at 6.5 years old we fear she is never going to mellow out.

But we wouldn’t trade her for anything.   She’s part of our family.

Do you have a pet?  Are they part of your family or just a pet?

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  1. Cute pup!
    I have 86 lbs. of yellow lab doggin’ my heels. She comes running at the sound of a knife hitting a cutting board, followed by the Beg Face. She’s almost 7 and still acts like a nut. She also makes a lovely, but clumsy, kitchen rug!
    When we got her, I thought she’s be just a dog, but she’s really grown on me!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Sounds crazy like mine! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although it would be quiet around here if she mellowed out 🙂

  2. …would love to have one:)

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  3. I guess the fact that she’s adorable and has those big eyes makes it all worth it. Haha. Happy WW!

  4. She’s such a cutie!! Gotta love those brown eyes!

    I have two dogs and one of them has HORRIBLE separation anxiety. It’s rough!

    You definitely should come visit my blog because I have a $50 gift card to an online pet store that I’m giving away and I bet Delta would love some new toys and treats :o)

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      It is definitely rough to have a dog with separation anxiety. It gives ME anxiety!! LOL! Ok, so I just entered about a thousand different ways into your giveaway. I really, REALLY hope that I win. Delta could use a gift certificate and some extra attention since the boys typically take all of our energy and money 🙂 I love the puzzle toys on that site. Super cool!!! I also hope that you entered my giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to My Hello Designs here:


  5. Oh my pups are definitely my family. I have teenagers, are you familiar with their habits? You must have a dog or it feels like nobody loves you. Nobody loves as unconditionally as your own dog.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      LOL! So maybe I will appreciate the spunkyness of Delta in another few years when my boys hit the teenage years!! Haha! But I do agree that there is nothing as unconditional as the love from your dog. I can get mad at her and within seconds she is following me around again and so happy to see me.

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