Gardening Round Two

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Just when I was about to give up on my garden, it started thriving again! We now have watermelons!!


Little Watermelon

They are a little small still, but I’m hopeful they will grow big enough for us to eat this fall. Aren’t they cute?

We also have lettuce growing like crazy. I have no idea at what point we pick them? Anyone have any advice on this? How do I know when they are ready to eat?


I planted the lettuce and watermelon late in the season (end of August) when I got annoyed with the bugs eating everything else. I wasn’t ready for the gardening season to be done so I took a chance and planted a few additional vegetables. And wa-la! We have veggies again!

Watermelon Plant

The tomatoes are still growing and every time I look at the garden we have approximately 20-25 tomatoes thriving, but by the next day they are half eaten. I can’t get them past being small and green without something enjoying them. And it’s not me nor our tomato thief from earlier in the season.


Yes, that plant that is growing horizontal is the tomato plant. It grew taller than the tomato cage and then starting growing across the fencing. It’s a mess, but there is nothing growing on that half of the garden since we lost all of our peas and cucumbers so it works for the tomatoes.

I know the gardening season is coming to an end, but we had a great experience for our first year.  We learned a lot and definitely have a good plan already for next year. I cannot wait to do this again in the Spring!

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  1. Way to go on the watermelon! We ate one of our watermelons with dinner last night. It was delicious!

    I say start picking the lettuce now, the larger leaves anyhow. Lettuce grows quickly and bolts (when it forms a flower and turns bitter) quickly too.

  2. That is really cool that you are getting watermelons! I used to love gardening and can’t wait until I buy my first house so I can do it again.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I’m just hoping we get to eat the watermelons before gardening season is over. I planted them late. It’s been fun to watch them grow though. At first I thought they were going to be squash since I didn’t remember what I planted, but much to my surprise we have watermelons!! LOL!

  3. Pick your tomatoes as soon as they start to turn. They will ripen up on your windowsill just fine and you may be able to spare a few more before the bugs/critters get to them!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I can’t even get them to the point of ripening in the windowsill. They get to be the size of about a golf ball and something eats them in the garden. They aren’t quite big enough to pick and ripen in the window sill at that point. Dang whatever it is eating them!!!! I want some yummy tomatoes!!!

  4. I’m no gardening expert..but when we started eating our lettuce it grew back kinda quickly. I’d wait for it to grow another inch or two..let grab the scissors and cut chunks off. That’s what we did. Eventually, we had too much and it went bad because it wasn’t eaten fast enough. I was eating salads twice a day!! LOL! Good luck!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I’m so excited!!! I will definitely let you know how our lettuce eating goes. Now if only I could get the tomatoes to the point of eating too.

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