30 Things List Update

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While I didn’t accomplish everything on my list, I did pretty well.  Or at least I think I did and I guess that is all that matters.  I started my list 30 Things in 60 Days just over 60 days ago.  Here is a quick update on where I stand.

1.   Try at least 6 new recipes. I’ve tried quite a few new recipes (more than 6), but have only documented 4 new ones in my Tasty Tuesday posts.
2.   Get caught up on Ryan and Owen’s scrapbooks.  Not even close to accomplishing this one.
3.   Clean my minivan.  And I mean clean it. The car wash guy told me “It’s UGLY in there!” as he started cleaning it out.
4.   Organize my closets (you know it had to make the list!).  I have finished 3 closets.  Have several more to go.
5.   Finish decorating my office (new curtains, new headboard, new storage containers).  I have cleaned it and made new storage containers.  Now I just need the new headboard and curtains and I’m done.
6.   Organize toy room.  This needs major help. DONE!
7.   Go skydiving.  (Just kidding mom!!  Wanted to see if you were still reading my blog! Haha!)
8.   Take a family vacation to MN/WI.  There are a few other places I want to go this year, but not before Sept. 1. You can read several posts about this vacation.  The Camel Bit Mommy, The Sites of Home, Nothing Like Family Part 2, Birthday Celebration Take 2, Nothing Like Family Part 1, Practicing for Atlanta Braves, Introducing Speedy & Zippy, Dirty and Up North.
9.   Roll out new My Hello Designs products.  Working on it….
10.  Figure out a better dog crate solution.  No.  Still have the ugly, wire crate in our foyer.  Any suggestions??
11.  Simplify, sell and donate.  Some stuff.  Not as good as I wanted.
12.  Take a photography class.  No.  Someday.  Someday.
13.  Visit the Georgia Aquarium with the boys. We haven’t been in a long time. You can read our adventure at Whirlwind Atlanta.
14.  Go on at least 2 date nights with the hubby.  Um…. no.  Babysitters are hard to come by.
15.  Read a book for fun.  Does reading blogs count??  It’s like reading a book, right??
16.  Extend the patio in backyard.  It’s been WAY too hot here in Atlanta to even consider working in the backyard.  Now that it’s cooled off to 90ish we’ve started our planning for the backyard.  This will be done this fall.
17.  Go see a movie in a theater.  This would be tied to date night.  Hard to come by babysitters.
18.  Take the boys on a bike ride in the bike trailer.  Nope, didn’t accomplish this one either.  Maybe now that the weather is cooler.
19.  Clean and organize the garage.  For good this time.  Again, the heat.  WAY too hot to be cleaning the garage.  Fall project.
20.  Have more BBQs with friends. We did this throughout the summer and had a blast having people over.
21.  Be more patient. Vacationing helped me accomplish this one.
22.  Move Owen to a big boy bed.  Decided we’re not in a rush to move him.  He’s content in his crib right now and so are we.
23.  Get a pedicure.  You think I could make time for this one.  But noooo…..
24.  Go out for ice cream. Pinkberry – YUM!
25.  Research elementary schools for Ryan. I think we have some options picked out.  Now we just have to wait until the schools start their tours and such to go visit them in person.
26.  Switch to USAA for all of our banking needs. DONE!
27.  Frame new pictures for our walls.  I have the frames and the photos on order.  Then I just have to do it and hang them.
28.  Go golfing. We went miniature golfing!!  Read about it here at Going Golfing.
29.  Organize our filing cabinet.  Seriously dreading this one.  Nope.  Never sounded like a fun way to spend a weekend.
30.  Try a new restaurant.  Must I bring up date night issues again?!

Maybe I didn’t do as well as I thought I did.  I only accomplished about 11 of the 30 items on my list.  Bummer.  There are about 10 more that will be accomplished yet this fall due to the weather being too hot this summer.  And another 5 that will be accomplished if we ever get a babysitter for one date night.

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  1. I think the important thing to focus on is that you DID accomplish some of the items on your list. That’s gotta feel good right there! You had some roadblocks with other items, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get to them in the next few months. 🙂

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