Big Canoe Wedding

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I don’t even know where to start.  There is so much to share about our Labor Day weekend in Big Canoe, Georgia.  I’m going to save the Jeep Trail Hike for another post and instead I’m going to skip right to the wedding.  Or the moments leading up to it anyway…..

Neither Ryan nor Owen wanted to go down for a nap.  And therefore, they didn’t.  Well, that is until about 30 minutes before we needed to get ready for the wedding and then they both crashed.  And crashed hard.

If anyone has ever had to wake a sleeping child you know what you’re in for.  A crabby, whiny, crying, uncooperative mess of a kid.  Or in our case, two of them. And to make it even better, one needed to be in a tux!

I’m not sure the last time you had to wear a tux, but there are a lot of pieces to it.  Between the cuff links, button cover thingys, vest, tie, pants, shirt, jacket, socks, shoes…. Ugh!  There was a lot of bribing and negotiating, some tears, a lot of sweat (from mommy) and Ryan even took a swing at daddy, but we did it.  Both boys were dressed and looking presentable.

Actually, they were flat out handsome. All three of them.


Wouldn’t you agree?  And if you look closely at the picture you will see two of my bribes present in the photo.  Two Ring Pops!  Hey!  Whatever keeps them smiling and cooperating.  There is a time and a place for a bribe and this was definitely that time and place.

The wedding was beautiful.  It was at The Chimneys in Big Canoe, GA and Kelly looked amazing.  Seriously amazing.  Her dress was absolutely beautiful and could not have been more perfect.  It had simple lines and beautiful bead work across the waist.  She looked stunning.  This pictures isn’t the best one to show it off, but you get the idea.



The weather was perfect. The views were amazing and the company was great.  We had a wonderful time.  The boys were on their best behavior all night.  Even several hours after their bedtime they were still all smiles and full of manners and politeness.  I love evenings like that with our boys.  So much better than the battles we encountered while getting dressed for the wedding.

As a matter of fact, all of the kids were being really good.  I didn’t hear any crying or tears at all.  Kelly had 4 flower girls and 2 ring bears.  Are these girls not the cutest things you have ever seen?  How precious!


Ryan flat out refused to take a picture with Auntie Kelly. And why? Well, his reason was that he didn’t like her big dress. And the funny thing is that he absolutely did not!  He kept looking at her dress out of the corner of his eyes and refused to get too close to her.  He definitely kept his distance from her.  He had no problem with Uncle Chase, but Auntie Kelly…. no way!  Absolutely not.

Everyone looked stunning.  Everyone was glowing.  Especially the father of the bride (Jim’s dad).  I just couldn’t help but smile when looking at him.  He was glowing.


Actually, you can also see the bead work on Kelly’s dress in that photo.  Isn’t it beautiful?! And here is another photo of the new couple with Jim and Janice.


Ryan and Owen had such a great time being all handsome. I just can’t get enough of these two little stud muffins. Umm… I mean three. Three stud muffins. Daddy is included in there too!  Aren’t they all so handsome?!



There are many more photos to share from the wedding and I will. I promise. I even have a few video clips that are worth posting. But for now I’ll leave you with one of The Yahres Family.


It’s not often we get family photos and I cherish each one that we have. This one especially.

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  1. Looks like it was an amazing weekend – great job with the pics…think how much they will be to scrapbook!

  2. How cute are those pictures! The bride was beautiful, but of course the ring pops are the best feature…who wouldn’t want a ring pop as a bribe?

  3. We all need a little bribery sometimes! And the beauty of ring pops is that they seem to last forever! The photos of the wedding look beautiful. I’ve just followed the link to you from Blogfrog. You look like a very happy family (and yes, you do have some fine stud-muffins! You should be very proud!)

  4. So handsome!! Aren’t you a lucky lady? We’ve got a wedding in a few weeks..that Me and the kids are in. And Chad is suppose to be out of town. Your pictures are making me look forward to it a bit more!! And the ring pops are genius!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love the pop of color with the ring pops in there. Sounds like a great bribe to me!

  6. Beautiful, all of it!

    Good idea with the ring pops! When my daughter was a flower girl, I think I bribed her with tic tacs. All I had in my purse!

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