Stories You Hope Your Child Doesn’t Share Publicly

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What a busy weekend.  And fun.  Serious fun.  Jim’s sister Kelly got married in Big Canoe over the weekend and while I have oodles of pictures and stories to share, this one couldn’t wait.

On Sunday morning we wake up in Big Canoe much too early after a night of dancing and wine and I say to Ryan:

Mommy: “Ryan?  Did you have a super fun time last night in Auntie Kelly & Uncle Chase’s wedding?”
Ryan: “Yes!!!  I did!!”
Mommy: “Wasn’t it really fun to wear a tuxedo and walk down the aisle at the wedding?”
Ryan: “Yes!  Even though I was scared of her big dress.”
Mommy (laughing): “Yes, Ryan.  You were scared of it.  We know you didn’t like the dress, but what was your favorite part of the whole wedding?”
Ryan: “OH!  The part where Uncle Chase put his head in Auntie Kelly’s dress and took her underwear off with his teeth!!  That was funny!!”
Mommy (in a panic!): “Oh, honey.  That was a garter and it was just on her leg.  Uncle Chase didn’t take off her underwear.  It was just a thing you where on your leg under your dress.”
Ryan: “Oh.  Well it was funny!  And then you flinged it over his head and the man caught it and put it on the other lady.  That was my FAVORITE part!  It was funny!”

So there you have it folks.  Obviously we didn’t think that whole episode all the way through prior to letting Ryan witness it all.  That is his favorite part and that is what he is telling everyone.  Super.

I decided to share the whole story here in case anyone does witness this story and wonders why Ryan is talking about Uncle Chase putting his head under Auntie Kelly’s dress.  I love the mind of a 3 year old.

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  1. From the mouth of babes … that was totally precious. Please remember to remind everyone at Ryan’s wedding what he said when he was 3 years old!
    I’m here from Blog Frog.

  2. It’s not exactly a story, but my almost four year old son has been telling everyone for weeks that when he grows up, he wants to be “Jessie the Cowgirl!!!”

  3. Ha Ha! That is hilarious!!

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