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Do you feel like you constantly are saying “no” to your children?  Was that one of their first words?  Around our house there is a lot of “No-no.  Don’t touch that.” or “No O-wee.  Please don’t put that in your mouth.” or “No Ryan.  Cupcakes are not an appropriate breakfast food.”

After awhile I feel like they tune the word out.  And it doesn’t seem to work anymore.

A few months ago I posted about Ryan’s temper tantrums resurfacing (Mommy Needs a Time Out) and while I knew what was prompting some of the behavior, I didn’t full understand the big picture.  I did realize that some of it was coming from hearing the word “no” over and over again.  He was testing the boundaries and his limits.

Ryan:  “Mommy?  Can I watch Word World before bed?”
Mommy:  “No Ryan, not tonight.”
Ryan:  “But mommy!  I REEEEALLLLYYY want to!  PLEEEEEEASE?”
Mommy:  “No Ryan, it’s bedtime and mommy said no shows tonight. Ok?”

This is where Ryan would break down in a terrible fit of tears and an all out temper tantrum.  I knew the tantrums were coming from me saying “no” and Ryan not getting his way.  What I didn’t know was the impact the word “no” can have on a child who is learning and developing and building relationships.

To a child the word “no” can mean so much more than just simply “no.”  I was slowly starting to figure this out and then while staying with my best friend in Minnesota (gosh I miss her!!) over the summer, she made a casual comment that really hit home.  She said that instead of always saying “no” try to say yes instead.

What?! Wouldn’t that always mean giving in and not disciplining your child?  Well, take the above conversation and how it could have gone with this different yes theory:

Ryan:  “Mommy?  Can I watch Word World before bed?”
Mommy:  “Yes Ryan.  You can watch a show tomorrow if you are a super good listener tonight and get ready for bed like a big boy.”
Ryan:  “Yeah!!!! Come on O-wee!  Let’s get ready for bed so we can watch a show tomorrow k?”

See? Simple isn’t it?  Here is another example of how it can work:

Ryan:  “Mommy?  Can I have a cupcake?”
Mommy:  “Yes Ryan.  You can have a cupcake after lunch.  We don’t eat cupcakes at 8am.”
Ryan:  “Yeah!!  I can’t wait!”

And these are  not exaggerated conversations either.  These are actual conversations we’ve had recently and it went much better than it did a few months ago.  Now I’m not saying this is always going to work and it will always make sense to do this.  All I am saying is to pay attention to what you say and the tone of voice you use when speaking to your children.  You may not realize it, but to a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year old it makes all the difference in the world.

And then out of the blue a book was handed to me, Nobody Likes Me (written by Cynthia Dekel).

Nobody Likes Me

I read it and almost cried.  It hit on the exact points I was working so hard on in regard to communication and discipline with my boys.  The little girl in the story is so excited to show off her artwork, play with her baby sister and dance for her mommy, but over and over again she was dismissed and told no, not right now because it was time to clean up or mommy was doing the dishes.

These are simple and common conversations we all have on a daily basis, but we don’t realize the impact it can have on a little one.  We don’t realize that our children take in our every single word (well, except when we want them to!!).

In the story after the little girl starts crying that nobody likes me, the mother realizes what brought this on and…..well….. I’m not giving away the entire story!!  You’ll have to read the rest on your own.

And you have three options to do just that. You can either purchase a signed copy of the book directly from the website of Nobody Likes Me; you can purchase a copy of the book from Amazon or you can enter to win your very own copy FREE in this giveaway (thanks Cynthia!).

Entering is easy.

And you have several chances to win too!  To enter, become a facebook fan of Nobody Likes Me (this is mandatory) and leave a comment that you did.

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Be sure to check out this mention in Atlanta Intown MagazineNobody Likes Me was included in the Too Cool For School: the latest trends for kids list. It’s under “Hers” in the Kindergarten-7 section here.  And even though it’s listed under “hers” does not mean it is a book for girls only.  My two boys love it!!  We talk about the pages and relate it to Ryan and Owen and how sometimes those same things happen in our house, but that we still LOVE them with all of our hearts.  They get huge smiles on their faces and giggle.

So go ahead and enter to win your very own copy! And while you’re visiting the Nobody Likes Me facebook fan page, let Cynthia know you came from the Typical Suburban Family blog (or just say that Jean sent you!).  This giveaway will close at 11:59pm on Thursday, September 9.  I will be announcing the winner via on Friday, September 10.  The winner will have 72 hours to respond.

Good luck!

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  1. As a mom, I am never too old for calibrating messages like this! I agree – even at 14 or 18 and 10 and 12 – No is so overused they think it doesn’t really mean no. I will definitely be trying your language solution!

  2. and tweet it

  3. I will go promote this in my status

  4. I am a subscriber to your blog

  5. I am a fan on facebook

  6. Sounds like I need this book! Liked on FB!

  7. I voted tonight for Top Baby blogs.

  8. I am a email subscriber to your blog.

  9. I ‘liked’ Nobody Likes Me on FB & told them you sent me.
    I used my name Faythe A.

  10. Wendy Berg says:

    I guess I am not as social savvy as I thought. Most of you suggestions for entries are confusing ; )
    I have voted for you in the past though for your blog, so will go do that again. I am a fan on facebook. I think I am a subscriber to your blog, let me know if not. Lastly, I will go promote this in my status and tweet it. Hope I do it right 🙂

  11. Ugh, I am guilty of this, saying “no” all the time to my son, especially at the end of the day when all I want to do is crash. I think I need this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

    I liked their page with my “freebies/contest” account (bambing bling)

  12. Amy Flatten says:

    and I’m a subscriber to your blog… it’s a great one. Such fun to hear the stories… and know that others are going through the same thing! : )

  13. Amy Flatten says:

    This sounds like a great book! I’d love a copy. I do try to answer this way, but would love more ideas. We hadn’t had temper tantrums in quite a while… until Jonas started back at school. Seems he’s getting a refresher from some friends.

    Thanks for making me aware of the book. I did become a fan. :0)

  14. Hi everyone! I’m very excited about the giveaway for Nobody Likes Me and thrilled to be included in this wonderful blog!

    Jean- what a great article, and as a parent it’s wonderful to hear how many of us experience the same things!

  15. Thanks! Sounds like just the kind of book I need to help me with my son.

  16. I will definitely need to check out that book, Jean! I feel like we are always saying no…it’s amazing how rephrasing something can make all of the difference!

  17. Just became a fan on Facebook, too! 😉

  18. Wonderful post! Positivity! 😉 I just subscribed, followed you on Twitter, and gave you a vote for each of the 3. Will retweet this giveaway right now… Thanks so much!

  19. Oh, and I just tweeted the book at:

  20. Oh, and I also following your blog on Google Friend Connect.

  21. Hi. Dropping by from Mom Loop. The book sounds interesting. I “liked” you on Facebook. My blog is, btw. Have a great weekend.

  22. I am a fan and I also subscribed to your blog!

  23. I’m a fan! This book sounds like something we could use in our house, lol.

  24. My 1 year old (on Monday 🙁 ) hit enter before I was finished. I Liked the FB page also 🙂

  25. I had one of those days today… the walk home from Pre-K with my daughter was an EPIC Fail and then I felt like I was constantly saying NO, NO, NO! I did say yes to the cookie (I really wanted one and she ate her dinner).

    It does get better but there are days when it seems like I am a broken record repeating NO, NO, NO, No, No.

    Hope you (and I) have a better day tomorrow 🙂


  26. Ah! The joys of trying to be a good parent! I can only hope you’ll discover that it will get easier.. I think when Tyler turned 4 ..there was a change and he suddenly understood consequences better.. If you do this..this will happen. Sounds like a great book though!


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