Nothing Like Family Part 2

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As promised, here is part 2 of Nothing Like Family.  As I previously mentioned, this was my favorite part of vacation.  Reconnecting with family (and friends) that I had not seen in way too long.

I’ve mentioned this particular cousin several times before and she was one of my Feature Friday blogs.  She blogs at It Keeps Getting Better and has two absolutely adorable little kiddos.  Max is 2 years old and Rory is 11 months.

Actually, Ashley’s dad and I are cousins.  Ashley’s grandfather and my dad are brothers.  My dad comes from a family of 12 (I think) and my dad was the youngest of the bunch.  Plus my parents had me later in life so most of my cousin’s kids are closer to my age than my actual cousins.  Growing up though it didn’t matter.  Everyone was always together for every random celebration and it didn’t matter how we were all related; we were all just cousins.

My dad’s family was very close.  We went to the farm (Ashley’s grandparents house) almost every weekend.  We would go to church on Sunday morning and then head to the farm for chicken dumpling soup and to hang it.  They lived about an hour from us, but that never mattered.  It was as if they lived 2 houses from us!

Over the years we went to the farm less and less and everyone’s lives went different directions.  Everyone started college, moved away, got married and had children.   I thought of my family often and wished I could see them more and wished we were all still as close as we once were.

And then blogging came about and wa-la!  It’s so much easier to stay in contact and feel like you’re part of each others lives even though time zones and several states are between everyone.  It’s so great to log into my computer each day and read about and know what Ashley and her family are up to.

So of course when we made our way to Minneapolis as part of our summer vacation, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to actually see Ashley and her family as well as her parents.  I had the best of intentions when we made our Friday night pizza plans, but traffic was not on my side.  I was coming up I-35 North for just a few miles to hop on to I-94 East to head over through St. Paul to Woodbury.  My GPS was telling me that I had a 35 minute drive.  Easy peasy.


It took me over an hour to go those few miles on I-35 North.  There was an accident right at the interchange between those two freeways.  And to top it off MN was doing a bunch of road construction right there.  Actually the SUV that got in the accident was teetering on top of the temporary concrete road divider.  It wasn’t a pretty site that’s for sure.

By the time I made it through the mess I was well over an hour and a half late.  UGH!  I hate being late.  Especially over dinner time with two really whining and impatient toddlers in the backseat.  And more especially when people went out of their way to host the evening and everyone is waiting.  UGH!  and UGH! again.

Once we were clear of the wreck I tried to put things into perspective though.  Yes, we were really late, but we were not in that wreck and we were safe and healthy.  My heart went out to those involved.  It didn’t appear that anyone was seriously hurt, but their vehicle wasn’t in the best condition.

Both boys ended up falling asleep on the way, but we eventually made it safe and sound.  And it was great to see everyone.  Thank you Bob and Rhonda for hosting us all.  We had a rowdy bunch of kids running around your house and you didn’t seem the slightest bit annoyed.  I have no idea how you weren’t with this going on in your living room!

You guys are awesome!  Truly, you are saints.  The boys enjoyed playing the piano and running around non-stop.  Seriously.  NONSTOP!

Max playing piano

Ryan playing piano

Ryan & Owen playing piano

It was great to finally meet Max and Rory and to see Ashley all grown up.  I can’t believe we were their age when we would run around the farm together.  And now here we are with kids of our own doing the same thing.

And after all that running the kids were just tired enough to sit fairly still for a little photo opt.  How precious are these four peanuts?!

Max, Ryan, Owen & Rory

Max, Ryan, Owen & Rory

Max, Ryan, Owen & Rory

Ryan loved holding baby Rory.  At one point in the evening I found him on the floor playing with Rory and mimicking what she was doing.  He absolutely loves babies.  He’s talked about her all the way home that night.  It was so sweet.

So while our night wasn’t quite as planned and while I wish we could have spent more time together, I did very much enjoy the few hours we were able to hang out.  Now Ashley and her family need to make a trip to Atlanta.  How fun would that be?!

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  1. The traffic through the Cities can be a nightmare! If it’s not an accident, it’s road construction! We missed most of that by driving through during the middle of the day. Can’t beat family though! Cute photos! I like the last one the best!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for checking out my blog; I cant wait to read yours:).

    You guessed right, I’m from the Midwest….just north of Ann Arbor, Michigan!

    If you say “soda” here people would say…do you mean pop? hehe. Have a great day!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      LOL! That is one of the first things I noticed when I went back home to WI and MN this summer – everyone says POP! I love it! I’m from the midwest too so I appreciate it 🙂

  3. Seriously?! I love that video! They were so funny just running in circles and banging into each other. It was great to see you guys too!


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