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I’ve received a few questions regarding my 30 Things in 60 Days list.  Here is a quick update on where I stand.

1.   Try at least 6 new recipes.  I’ve tried 3 new ones so far and have 3 to go.
2.   Get caught up on Ryan and Owen’s scrapbooks.  Not even close to accomplishing this one.
3.   Clean my minivan.  And I mean clean it. The car wash guy told me “It’s UGLY in there!” as he started cleaning it out.
4.   Organize my closets (you know it had to make the list!).  I have finished 1 closet.  Have several more to go.
5.   Finish decorating my office (new curtains, new headboard, new storage containers).  I have cleaned it and made new storage containers.  Now I just need the new headboard and curtains and I’m done.
6.   Organize toy room.  This needs major help. DONE!
7.   Go skydiving.  (Just kidding mom!!  Wanted to see if you were still reading my blog! Haha!)
8.   Take a family vacation to MN/WI.  There are a few other places I want to go this year, but not before Sept. 1.
9.   Roll out new My Hello Designs products.
10.  Figure out a better dog crate solution.
11.  Simplify, sell and donate.
12.  Take a photography class.
13.  Visit the Georgia Aquarium with the boys. We haven’t been in a long time.
14.  Go on at least 2 date nights with the hubby.
15.  Read a book for fun.
16.  Extend the patio in backyard.
17.  Go see a movie in a theater.
18.  Take the boys on a bike ride in the bike trailer.
19.  Clean and organize the garage.  For good this time.
20.  Have more BBQs with friends.  Ongoing.  We’ve had several BBQs, but I want to continue doing them.
21.  Be more patient. Vacationing helped me accomplish this one.
22.  Move Owen to a big boy bed.
23.  Get a pedicure.
24.  Go out for ice cream. Pinkberry – YUM!
25.  Research elementary schools for Ryan.  Work in progress.
26.  Switch to USAA for all of our banking needs. DONE!
27.  Frame new pictures for our walls
28.  Go golfing.
29.  Organize our filing cabinet.  Seriously dreading this one.
30.  Try a new restaurant.  Does Pinkberry count again?!

I still have a few weeks left and according to this list I’m going to be one busy girl.  Anyone want to organize the rest of my closets, clean out my minivan or organize our filing cabinet?  I’m not willing to let the pedicure, golfing or new restaurant go though so don’t even ask for those items!!

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  1. I think you’re doing great with your list, Jean! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it all done by summer’s end – there will always be more things to add to the “to do” list! 🙂

  2. I always fail at lists, even though I love making lists. Good luck!! I know you will accomplish a lot more than me. I’m following you. Would love for you to follow and visit me as well! 🙂

    Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I only have a few weeks left Heather and I am going to be one busy girl getting through this list!! Haha! I checked out your blog and would love to follow you, but I didn’t see a Google Friend Connect or email subscription. HELP!

  3. Hi there – found you via blogfrog. love the crisp look of your blog and this list just inspired me to write my own… on my personal blog:

    i would organize your closted in a heart beat, probably the filing cabinets too- i am all about purge, simplify and minimum STUFF! Are you in Massachusetts by any chance, lol?

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Thank you Gina! I just left you a message over at your blog too 🙂 I loved your list and can’t wait to follow your progress. I tried to follow you via GFC, but it gave me an error when trying to sign in via Google so I’ll try again later.

      I’m not in Massachusetts, but if it means clean closets and a clean filing cabinet I’d consider flying you to Atlanta! HAHA! I did accomplish two closets so far, but I still have about five to go. UGH!

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