Nothing Like Family

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The best part of our vacation to Wisconsin was reconnecting with family that we hadn’t seen in quite some time.  It’s amazing how many years can go by and yet you can just pick up where things left off as if no time has passed at all.

My cousin Paul and I grew up together.  My mom and his mom are sisters.  We spent countless days together at grandma’s house kicking a plastic egg around the house at Easter time.  Yes, it sounds silly and pointless, but boy did we have fun doing this.  And when we weren’t enjoying this little game we were making the walk to the corner convenience store for one of those super huge freezee pops.  Yes, those SUPER huge ones.  This was the only place I knew that had the SUPER huge ones so I could not wait to make the walk there while staying at grandma’s.

Aaaahhh…. the memories.  There is nothing like great family moments regardless how simple they are.

And now, years later here we are both married with two little kids of our own.  We both have two boys and what’s even more special is that his youngest, Arlo and Owen share a birthday.  Yes, that’s right.  Arlo and Owen were both born on August 13, 2008.  And what’s even better is that Paul’s brother and Paul’s father were also born on this date.  How crazy is that?!

I remember when Paul told me they were expecting their 2nd child.  And their due date was just a day or two from my due date.  And surprisingly, both boys showed up 2 weeks early!

On our vacation to Wisconsin, this was the first time the two birthday sharing cousins would meet.

How cute are they?!

And their older brothers, Levi and Ryan are just as cute.   Check out these four little boys being boys.

We spent the day at the cabin swimming, fishing and playing in the sand.  The older boys had some fun with big boy legos while the little boys did a little yard work.

We made some rainbow pudding pops and had a delicious dinner.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day together as a family.  And the two competitive plastic egg kicking cousins fell right back into old habits with a fishing competition.  We were each bound and determined to catch a fish before the other one did.  But after quite some time we settled on an even score of zero to zero.

Fish weren’t biting.

And we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for these two birthday sharing cousins to actually celebrate their birthday together.  We were one week early, but who is arguing?!  Definitely not these kids as we brought out the cake!  The each took a turn blowing out the candles for the birthday boys!

There will be a part two of this Nothing Like Family post coming soon.  I had originally planned on it all being in one post, but I just couldn’t do it.  I talk a lot (some say ramble) and I had too many photos to share.  I couldn’t do it in one post.

But know that the second part of this family post will involve a different set of toddlers and a cousin from my dad’s side of the family.  I’ve mentioned her in past posts and I have some cute photos to share from this story too!

UPDATE:  Part 2 of this story can be found here.

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