Taco Salad with a Twist

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One of my goals in my 30 Things Before Summer Ends was to try some new recipes.  My mom introduced this one to me while we were on vacation at the cabin and since we’ve been back I’ve made it twice already.  This recipe is really good and easy to make.

You can use it as a salad type dish or as a dip.  If you use as a salad you can crumble the chips on top of it with a dollop of sour cream.  If you use as a dip, just scoop it up with the chips.  Either way you choose to eat it, it’s delicious!


And until I figure out how to fix the error you receive when you click on the image to enlarge it, here are the ingredients and directions in text format:

Taco Salad with a Twist Recipe

* 1 pound ground beef
* 1 package (11oz) torn iceberg & romaine
* 2 medium tomatoes, chopped
* 1 cup sliced green onions
* 1 can (16 oz) kidney beans rinse/drain
* 2 cups (8 oz) shredded Mexican cheese
* 8 cups corn chips
* 1 cup green goddess salad dressing
* 1/2 cup sour cream

In a large skillet, cook beef over medium heat until no longer pink; drain and cool slightly.  In a large bowl, combine the lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Add the beef, beans and cheese.  Drizzle with salad dressing; toss to coat. Dollop with sour cream. Serve immediately.  Crumble corn chips on top as served or use chips to scoop mixture.

PS – Anyone know how to fix my error when clicking on the images on my website?  I’m desperate to get this fixed.  It’s all images on my site that give this error.  HELP!

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  1. Yum! That does sound delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe! I’m always looking for new and healthy ideas for dinner. I’ve been purchasing Ground Buffalo from Maverick Ranch Farms and it’s so delicious!! It’s much leaner and healthier than regular ground beef and the flavor is wonderful! I use it when I make Hot Taco Rice and spaghetti and anything else that calls for ground beef.

  2. This looks really tasty! We have some leftover black beans from a different recipe, and this looks like the perfect way to use them up.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Nice! I love when I can figure out new recipes for leftovers. It makes a completely new meal without wasting food. Perfect!

  3. There are some of us in my community who are trying to figure out your photo issue…just say’n 😉

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Please I beg you to help me figure this out. I left a comment in your community in hopes that someone can help me out. I’m getting sooooo frustrated. Seriously! I’ve spent probably 6+ hours trying to figure this out over the last few weeks. UGH! I would love if someone knew how to resolve this.

  4. I love taco salad. I used to work at a place that had a little restaurant below that would do taco salad Thursdays. For $3.50 you got the best taco salad plus a drink! When I was pregnant, you know I was all over taco salad Thursdays 😉

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      This sounds like a comment I could have written. Exactly! The building I used to work in also had taco salad Thursday and I went every single Thursday! They were AWESOME!!! Ours were a little more expensive, but not too much. With a soda it was just over $6. And when I was pregnant and working in that building I am certain I did not miss a taco salad Thursday. See…. told ya I could have written your comment myself 🙂

  5. Yummy. We’re all about salads here, as hubs is trying to eat better and shed a few pounds. Thanks so much for sharing and linkin up with tasty tuesdays. I LOVE your cards!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Thanks! Now if only I could get the images to work without producing an error. I’m getting so frustrated that I can’t figure out the fix to it. UGH!

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