Practicing for the Atlanta Braves

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Ryan has never shown much interest in baseball. We have a little t-ball set and he’ll swing at it now and again, but never really showed any excitement toward it.

Then we went to the cabin in Wisconsin.  And grandpa Sandy couldn’t wait to hit the ball with Ryan.  He bought a little baseball bat and balls and the first day were there he took Ryan out to practice his swing.  Ryan was so proud.  He couldn’t wait.

Grandpa Sandy taught him how to stand and how to hold the bat.  He would throw the ball to Ryan and 7 out of 10 times Ryan would hit the ball!  We would all cheer and clap and make a huge deal about it.

Ryan loved it.  He loved the special attention and he loved learning something new.

When grandpa wasn’t available one afternoon Ryan talked grandma into throwing the ball to him.  Grandma threw it a few times and each time Ryan would swing and miss.  They did this a few more times and again Ryan would swing and miss.

After a few minutes Ryan comes over to me where I was playing in the sand with Owen and tells me “Momma.  Can you throw the ball to me?  Grandma doesn’t know how to.  I can’t hit it when she throws it.”

I seriously couldn’t stop laughing.  It was such an innocent request.  But you could definitely see the frustration in his face.  Trust me when I tell you Grandma wasn’t doing a bad job.  She was throwing it right in line with where Ryan would swing and hit it.  I have no idea why he kept missing.

So I agreed to help the little guy out.  I head over and throw it a few times and again with ball toss it was a swing and a miss.  Ryan only tolerated 4 or so pitches from me before he shrugged his shoulders and said “You can’t throw it either momma.  I’ll just wait for Grandpa.”

And wouldn’t you know it?!  When grandpa came over Ryan hit the first pitch!  He was so excited and exclaimed “See!  Grandpa can do it!”

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