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Tasty Tuesday: Pepper Honey Salmon

.As fall approaches I am powering through my 30 Things list and trying to accomplish them all (or as many as I possibly can anyway).   And number one on that list was to try at least 6 new recipes.   I’m now up to number four and only have two to go!  I’m sure I’ve tried […]

The Camel Bit Mommy!

.What?  Did that say a camel bit mommy?  Where in the world would we have ever encountered a camel?  Let alone one that could get close enough to bite mommy? Wisconsin of course! What?  Did that say Wisconsin?  Since when do camels live in Wisconsin? Well let me explain…… While we were up north in […]

Gardening for the Bugs

.I’ve taken up a new hobby.  Gardening for the bugs.  Yep – for the bugs!  We haven’t enjoyed anything from the garden in quite some time and now I know it’s because someone else has been enjoying it before we can get to it. These bugs! Or at least I think it’s because of these […]

Support Music for Megan with Stella & Dot Jewelry

.Have you ever heard of mitochondrial disease?  Can you even say those words without stumbling?  Now is your chance to learn more, support a great cause and attend a fabulous family event. I know you are all super busy with the end of summer and that you have been invited to 101 different types of […]

Wordless Wednesday: The Sites of Home

.There is nothing like your hometown.  Today I would like to introduce you to my hometown sites….. These are just a few quick pictures of my hometown.  I admit that it’s cold and snowy in northern Wisconsin, but there are some beautiful views.  One of my favorites is definitely the Arial Lift Bridge in the […]

Tasty Tuesday: Beef, Chicken & Veggie Kabobs

. This is a recipe we started using this summer and love it.  We make kabobs fairly often.  It’s quick, easy and fun.  Plus it gives a lot of variety to the meal.  There is something for everyone.  Even two picky toddlers. So while we were in Wisconsin at the cabin we decided this would […]

Nothing Like Family Part 2

.As promised, here is part 2 of Nothing Like Family.  As I previously mentioned, this was my favorite part of vacation.  Reconnecting with family (and friends) that I had not seen in way too long. I’ve mentioned this particular cousin several times before and she was one of my Feature Friday blogs.  She blogs at […]

Check and Check.

.I’ve received a few questions regarding my 30 Things in 60 Days list.  Here is a quick update on where I stand. 1.   Try at least 6 new recipes.  I’ve tried 3 new ones so far and have 3 to go. 2.   Get caught up on Ryan and Owen’s scrapbooks.  Not even close to accomplishing […]

Birthday Celebration Take Two

.A two year old boy deserves a variety of birthday parties.  One can never have too many celebrations.  Especially when that certain two year old is always in the shadows of his very talkative and social older brother. Owen celebrated every chance he could get this year.  When you asked him “Who is having a […]

Nothing Like Family

.The best part of our vacation to Wisconsin was reconnecting with family that we hadn’t seen in quite some time.  It’s amazing how many years can go by and yet you can just pick up where things left off as if no time has passed at all. My cousin Paul and I grew up together.  […]

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