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We’ve been living in our house for over 4 years now and I’m still struggling with what to do for this wall in our family room. It’s a two story wall and the way the furniture is situated the TV is off center on the wall and the air/heat vent is off centered the opposite way.

Help!  I need suggestions and advice!  What should we do with this huge, empty and boring space?

I’ve thought about one big picture, but because of the off centeredness of the TV and vent I’m not sure where we would hang it.

I’ve thought about several smaller pictures scattered around the wall.  Not sure though.

My most recent thought is applying a wall quote from Belvedere Designs.  How cool are these?  I could position the quote so that it filled the whole wall and work around the vent.  What do you think?

What other suggestions do you have?  Do you have a home with a two story wall or do you know someone with one?  Share some ideas and pictures too if you can!  I am ready to get this wall completed.  It’s been empty and boring way too long.

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  1. Hi!
    You could move the vent, either down near the floor or up near the ceiling. Then your options would be wide open. It’s a big wall, and you could do something really dramatic that would change the whole look of the room. Good luck!

  2. After reading all the comments I was surprised no one mentioned anything about “Faux Finishing”. There are many things that could be done with an area such as this, just depends on your budget. You can get it professionally done or you can learn a few techniques and do it yourself, but I must add with a room this size I would keep it simple

  3. build shelves all the way up the wall and fill them with books and your children’s art. You can disguise the vent with paint and by arranging items on the shelves.

  4. I think painting the vent is a great idea – make it less noticeable so you can hang anything you want wherever you want, and it won’t be so glaringly obviously there.

  5. Hello
    Just stumbled upon your blog from Alicia’s “A Beautiful Mess” Community forum. Left you a message there as well.
    I had a home that had a large blank wall as well – it was so difficult to decorate but I found something that helped fill the space. Although if I had the house today, I would definitely change the decorations on the shelves… but I think the idea of it will inspire you!
    You can take a peek at the pics here:

    Good luck!

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  7. I would make it different color than the rest of the room, like an accent wall, but again not something too crazy to stand way too much out. Than I would get a little larger cabinet for the TV, nothing too high up, just longer than the one now (if you can) if not than I would use the existing one and surround it with two bookshelves that are taller than the TV stand. Place the stand in the middle of the wall and add bookcases that are the same size. That way you are giving the impression of an entertainment center without spending much, plus you can move it when ever you get bored of it.
    As for the wall I would get two same size pictures (paintings, frames for family pictures), you can put them above bookcases (this way you are not blocking the vent), I would get them long and not so wide. They have some great frames for pictures in Hobby Lobby and at Walmart, usually brown, black, white, silver… See which goes the best with the wall color, and how eye catching you want it to be. Now since went is still there, and you don’t want to block it, you can put two small decorative shelves, like one above and one under. But since the went is kind of high, put them both under. This way went is still open, but not the main point of the wall. You can get those shelves again at the Hobby Lobby or Walmart, get them in two sizes, and use longer one above and smaller under… Like they do here: create something interesting! And you don’t have to spend much 😉

  8. Check out this site for more “wall quote” ideas…I think some of their larger ones with trees and other stuff would look fabulous, and you could definitely work around the vent!

  9. If you go to, you can order 3 free samples of thin ceiling tiles. I ordered some & plan on using them as artwork for behind my tv.

    I have some pics of my inspiration if you email me, I’ll send them to you.

  10. Jean–a few thoughts…..if you are open to color you could make it an accent wall. Add a large piece of iron metal artwork (something of this effect… to disguise the vent but still allow airflow from the vent to pass through. And you could put an expression between the bottom of the wall art, and the TV stand. I actually sell Uppercase Living, and it is very similar to the vinyl you found, just a much larger selection of expressions, colors, etc. check it out if you have a few minutes. You can also customize an expression if you don’t see what you want.

  11. Do you want the wall to be your focal point, or do you want the fireplace to be your focal point? Your house reminds me a lot of my sister’s, and she’s struggling with the same issue.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I don’t think I want this wall to be the focal point. I would rather the fireplace wall be a focal point since that is the wall you see from the front door and foyer area. Plus this wall is SO HUGE that I think too bold of a color might be too much since it’s all wall. At least the fireplace wall is broken up by windows and fireplace and wouldn’t be so overbearing on the room if it had color. I feel for your sister. This is not fun. I wish we could build a floor and make a room above so we wouldn’t have a two story open room. I’d rather have the usable space above for a toy room or extra bedroom or something. Not sure how much that would cost though.

  12. What if you combine a couple of these ideas? Maybe take a really nice photo or print, and break it up into three or four frames placed in such a way that people would be able to “see” the big picture? You could stagger them to avoid the tv and the vent. Then add your vinyl quote lettering, kind of weaving in and out and around the frames and tv and vent. Make it even more eye catching with accent wall color as someone else suggested.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I think you are on to something! I think I do need to combine a few of these GREAT ideas into one. You all are geniuses!!!

  13. What’s your budget?
    Thanks for stoppping by my community.


  14. shermom1014 says:

    I would suggest using some molding to make maybe 3 or so rectagular boxes or even painting rectagular shaped boxes to break up the space and give it a little contrast and within those boxes you can put some smaller pictures in them. I am also a big fan of the wall quotes and that could be incorparated too.
    Does that make sense at all?

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I like that! It does make sense. I’m getting some great ideas from you all. Now I just need to decide on one. Before I felt like I had no options and now I have so many!! Good problem to have though 😉

  15. I think your idea of a vinyl wall quotes would work very well.I checked out that site and they do have some awesome ones. You might think about creating a two tone wall before you apply the quote. Something that would help to melt that vent into the background of the wall. I did a venitian plaster look by ragging on in my office, and something like that would work well for this type of camoflouge. I must warn you a wall that large will be a challenge, but you could get a remarkable payback.

  16. I’d find three big, bold paintings/prints and hang them in the space between that vent and the tv, and center them over the tv.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Center them over the TV? The TV is off center in the room though too. That’s where I struggle. Do I center over the TV or do I center on the wall?

  17. Hey Jean –
    what about a nice bookcase/entertainment unit? you could do it in a dark black/brown color or a white like your fireplace. You could also do a wall collage with large and small photos and keepsakes. Including non-traditional items like a fun, ornamental door knocker, a long rectangular picture, a small shelf for a pretty vase also on the wall – there are lots of options. You could also do some simple wall shelves in a triplicate, offcenter and then decorate and do with pictures, etc. Give it a thought…

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      We used to have a bigger entertainment center with bookcases and it closed off the room so much. I do like the idea of the collage of stuff though with photos and shelves and such. That would distract from the vent. Someone suggested painting the vent to match the wall color which would help too.

  18. My first thought was a really large tapestry would look nice hanging there. Your obstacle is obviously the a/c vent. If the tapestry could hang out far enough from the wall to allow air through it or if you could redirect the air somehow… Hmmm. Hope you get a lot of creative ideas!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I had thought of that too, but it won’t work because we need to use that vent so we can’t block it. Bummer.

  19. Hey Jean – how big is the room? What’s your decorating style? Are you open to painting the wall for an accent wall? Can you add additional pictures of the layout (maybe taken from the second floor). Can you add additional pictures of the layout (maybe taken from the second floor looking down)? I know, lots of questions but it helps when suggesting decorating ideas. I am a self proclaimed HGTV junkie.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I added a few more pictures so you can see a few different angles. I wouldn’t be opposed to an accent wall, but I’m not sure this is the wall to do it on. The wall that is perpendicular to this one has our huge windows and fireplace on it. I always thought that would be an accent wall if we did one. Maybe I’m wrong. I do like your very simple suggestion of just painting the vent the same color as the wall though. Seriously. Cannot believe that never occurred to me before. I think I’m thinking too hard on this. Which is exactly why I need some help. Funny thing is that when I posted this on my blog you were the exact person I had in mind to make some recommendations!! You are so creative and have a great sense of style. My style is anything that is simple, uncluttered and easy to maintain. I like colors and a comfortable feel. I like organization too. HELP!


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