Toddler + Apple Store = Addiction

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Yes, that’s correct.  Ryan is addicted to the Apple Store.  There may be a little teeny bit of confusion there, but regardless he begs every day to go to the Apple Store.  Let me back up a few weeks ago.

It all started on a sunshiney day when we were invited over for pizza to StripedPajamas new house.  Mr. Dyson gave the boys a whole apple.  A whole unpeeled apple.  And they loved it.  I never realized I had never given them a whole apple before, but Ryan loved it.

And every day since then he has talked about apples and how much he wants one for every.single.meal.  Yes.  EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL.

So we have taken stock in buying apples from Publix.  Thanks Dysons.

And Ryan likes his apples to be whole with the peel on them.  Owen, well Owen still has a tough time biting into the apple.  So I cut his in half, scoop out the seeds and peel it.  We call these naked apples.  Ryan thinks it’s hilarious.  And Owen laughs too because Ryan does.

Not too long ago we received a slightly used MacBook Pro at no charge.  Awesome.  Simply awesome.  And on a random Saturday night Jim mentions “Hey!  We should all go to the Apple Store!”

With this statement Ryan starts jumping up and down “Yes!!!  The Apple Store!!!  We’re going to the Apple Store!!!”

Jim was pretty darn proud of this.  Ryan was on his side.  And was already putting his shoes on (even on the right feet) and proceeded to explain to Owen how great this would be.

Ryan:  “O-wee.  We go to the Apple Store.  It’ll be soooo fun.  Get your shoes on.  Hurry!  It’ll be soooo fun.  I promise.”

And so off we go to the actual Apple Store.  All the way there Ryan talks about eating his new apples and how yummy it would be.  He talked nonstop.  Seriously.  Although if you know Ryan at all you know he typically talks nonstop.  Seriously.  Nonstop.  We sometimes have to bribe him to be quiet for just a few minutes for a little peace and quiet.  It typically never lasts for more than 30 seconds.

So after a fun trip to the Apple Store, dinner at the mall and a quick trip into Publix for you guessed it…. apples.  We were on our way back home with several apples in hand to get us through the next few days or our newly found apple addiction.

And now, we have to be cautious when we mention the Apple Store and we always have to include a stop in the actual store that sells eating apples.

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  1. It’s amazing how kids take things at face value…did Ryan enjoy the Apple Store when he got there? Or was he disappointed to realize there weren’t any real apples? So funny!

  2. So cute!!

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