Boo Boo Brothers

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If something happens to Ryan, it happens to Owen too.  If Ryan has an itch on his arm, mysteriously Owen does too.  If Ryan is hot, mysteriously Owen is too.  If Ryan needs a drink, mysteriously Owen does too.

So why should I be surprised that Owen mysteriously gets a boo boo at the same time Ryan does?  Aaaahhh….. my boo boo brothers.

The other day Ryan comes limping into the kitchen claiming he has a boo boo on his foot.  So I take a look and sure enough, he does.  He has a little cut on his heel and it’s bleeding just a little bit.  So off I go to get the bactine and band aids and who comes limping around the corner?  Yep, none other than little O-wee.  “Boo boo.  Owwww!  Boo boo.”

I take a look at his so called boo boo too and sure enough… nothing.  Just sympathy pain for the big bro.

But I get a couple of band aids and the bactine and doctor up both of my boys.

Ryan milked it for all it was worth.  He was limping around and asking to be carried.  He even asked me to take a picture of his so-so sad face.

Owen’s boo boo didn’t seem to be bother him quite as much.  Go figure 😉  With both my boys bandaged up though it made for a cute little photo shoot.  Can’t you just see how much Owen absolutely adores his big brother?

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  3. Cute pics! Our girls do the same thing (even faking an injury – one’s for sure going to be an actress) We even give placebo medicine to the non-sick one. It’s pretty amusing.

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  5. So adorable- I especially love the tiny feet shot:)

  6. awww how precious. We have a little blonde O wee too.

    I just loved the photos, especially the oh so sad face and the bandaged feet.

  7. Cute!! My two often copy each other but no matching boo boos!

  8. Typical Suburban Family says:

    Badge of honor is right!! They LOVE to wear band aids and proudly show all of their friends and teachers and even strangers in the store their “wounds”. Ryan once told me his arm was broken and he couldn’t use it until his band aid was finished healing his boo-boo. I love the mind of a toddler.

  9. OK, those little guys are too cute!! Those sympathy pains are funny…went through a lot of bandaids back in the day when we would have playgroups at my house. I think to a little one, a bandaid is a badge of honor.

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