Appreciating the Moments

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On days like today it’s not always easy to appreciate the little moments in life.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fact that my external hard drive crashed and I’ve lost everything (and I mean everything) related to my online life.  I had over 200 scrapbook layouts for Ryan and Owen’s baby books on there (gone!).  I had all of my logos, templates and designs for My Hello Designs on there (gone!).  I had all of my personal documents including mailing addresses, letters and resumes on there (gone!).  And I had all of my istock purchases and font purchases on there as well (gone!).

Ugh.  Double Ugh actually.

I’ve pretty much spent all day today sulking over it all.  Wondering how I’m going to get caught up on everything and how I will rebuild everything from nothing.  I’ll be starting over. Ugh.  Ugh. Ugh.

My wonderful hubby has been up in the office for over 3 hours now trying to recover anything he possibly can from this external hard drive situation.  I’m still hopeful that he’ll be able to get something off of it.  Anything actually.  I will be happy if he can retrieve just a few things.  Mainly the scrapbook layouts I put so much time and effort into.  That’s the loss that is bumming me out the most.  Funny that I just featured my top ten earlier this week here and now they are all gone.  Oh and I hadn’t actually printed any of them yet to include in their actual books.  Up to now they were just on the external hard drive.

But then I get a text from a friend today with some bad news.  And my heart breaks for them.  It brings tears to my eyes.

Then tonight I read a post from a blog I’ve never been to before, but happened to come across while doing some blog hopping (Patrick. Ashley. Preslee.).  And my eyes well with tears.  I don’t even know these people and my heart goes out to them. I can’t imagine what they are going through.  I never want to try to imagine it and I never, EVER want to live through it.

And you know what?  Losing my data on my hard drive isn’t so bad.  While it will take me countless hours of redesigning and rebuilding, it can be done.  I can rebuild everything that I have lost.  Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be easy, but it’s not the end of the world.  It’s data.  And that’s all.  I still have my two precious (and sometimes naughty!) little boys to tuck into bed at night.  I still have their arms that wrap around my shoulders in a BIG hug and then a little teeny hug (Ryan likes to do both).

So tonight I’m going to appreciate the little moments.  The ones that make me laugh so hard I cry.  Like the other night when I was snuggling with Ryan and we were discussing his day.  We were laying on his bed and I had my arm stretched over my head.

Mommy:  “Tell me about your day Ryan.  What did you do that was fun?”
Ryan:  “Oh, I played with the tools.  I build things like daddy does.  I use a hammer and a wrench and a OH MOMMA!!!!  OH NO!!!!”
Mommy:  “What Ryan??  What’s wrong?!”
Ryan: “Momma!!  You’re like daddy.  You have hair in your arm (aka arm pit) like daddy does.  Oh no!”
Mommy:  “It’s ok Ryan.  I just have a little bit.”
Ryan:  “No momma!  You have A LOT!  Are you going to get hair on your chin like daddy too?”

Yep.  And that is when I came downstairs got into the shower and shaved.  But seriously, it wasn’t that bad.

And then a few nights later the boys were sitting on the couch watching Curious George when I hear Owen calling for me while I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, in his cute little sing song voice.

Owen:  “Moooooooma!  Moooooooma!  Mooooooooma!”
Mommy (in the same sing song voice):  “Ooooooooooweeeeeee!  What do yooooouuu neeeeed?”
Owen:  “Moooooooma!  Moooooooma!  Mooooooooma!”

So I lean over the breakfast bar to see what he wants/needs and he looks at me with a big grin while standing on the couch and jumps while laughing hysterically.  He knows this is a no-no and he knows not to stand on the couch let alone jump on it.  But his cute little face with his summer blond hair and his sing song voice made me smile.  He could have jumped on the couch and probably gotten away with it, but no.  Instead he calls my attention to him prior to doing it.  I love this kid.  He is soooooo naughty a lot of times, but he’s so darn cute and funny while he’s doing it.

And that is what is important in life.  My boys.  My family.  My life.  Not a silly external hard drive.  That’s replaceable.  My family and my boys are not.  They are my everything.  Seriously, my everything.  But I won’t lie I am still hopeful that Jim is succeeding in his recovery efforts upstairs!!

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  1. Yes we get devestated when things happen for which there is no control, yet they are trivia, compared with more hurtful problems.
    God, your family, your life, is the important treasure of life. You are only human and as such you feel.
    These computers surely do get between us and what is our priorities…
    I save mostly everything now to a stick, but a dead computer is not a living breathing human with a heart.. Bless you.

  2. I’m sorry about the computer.. I can’t imagine all the precious time put into those scrapbooking pages. You are totally right about appreciating the moments though! Many of us probably don’t do that enough. I clicked on the link to that blog and have had tears ever since. Are they friends of yours? My heart just broke reading that! So now..I’m gonna try snuggling my whiney little girl till she falls asleep..and thank god for the day I had with my family! Thanks for sharing!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      I know you put a lot of time and love into your scrapbooks so I know you can feel my pain with that one 🙁 I didn’t know that particular family at all and actually tonight was the first time I even happened across their blog and read the story. So sad. So, so sad. It just breaks my heart. It definitely makes you appreciate what you have.

  3. There are companies that specialize in retrieving data off of a crashed hard drive. They aren’t cheap, but worth looking into. I can’t think of the company we refer our customers to in Minneapolis; if you want to know email/facebook me and I’ll check on Monday!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Yes!! Please send me the name of the company you would recommend. Jim is checking into a few as well, but if you have a recommendation I would gladly take it.

  4. So sorry to read that you lost so much that you had been working so hard on. I haven’t had a crash recently, but I remember the one time it did happen to me and I had to start a 30 page essay from scratch. It was a horrible feeling, but I think the paper I ended up with was probably better than what I had because I wrote from memory/what I remembered as being most important and I wasn’t tied to what I had previously done. That said, I think scrapbooking is probably a bit different.

    However, I think you seem to have landed in the right place re: perspective. It’s so easy to focus on work or certain tasks and forget what is most important.

    That said, I hope things work out with your projects even if you don’t manage to salvage too much now.

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Isn’t it the worst feeling?? It’s such a helpless feeling. But you are right. My new pages, layouts, designs and logos will be better because now I have that much more practice right? Or at least that is what I’m telling myself…. haha!

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