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It’s official. We are that family. We all have matching tie dye shirts!!

Last weekend I decided it would be fun for the whole family to make tie dye shirts together.  This is what happens when the power goes out at 8pm on a Friday evening and doesn’t come back on until 4am on Saturday morning.  With no computer, no TV, no light and after a short with no way to charge the cell phones we were without those too.

So sitting in the dark and HOT July Atlanta weather, I decided we would make tie dye shirts the following day.  We headed out for a quick breakfast at IHOP and then we were off to Hobby Lobby for all the supplies we could possibly need.

We had several temper tantrums from the almost 2 year old little man, Owen.  All out screaming and laying on the floor with his head in his arms crying.  And all because I wouldn’t open a box which contained a tractor.  The best part was if you walked away from him and he would notice, he would stand up and walk over to where you now were and lay himself back on the floor in front of you to cry.  Lovely.

We shopped fast and grabbed our tie dye strong bands (yes I know I could use regular rubber bands, but we didn’t have any!) and our Tulip permanent fabric dye in a royal blue, flamingo pink, sunshine yellow and a lime green color.  Jim had to take crabby pants Owen to the car because his behavior was just that lovely.

One more stop at Kohl’s for fresh new white t-shirts for the family and we would be set.  I was bound and determined that Ryan wanting every single item in the store and Owen throwing temper tantrums every step of the way would not stand in the way of our family fun.  I mean, this would be fun right?

As we were at the register at Kohl’s Owen turned into super polite and well behaved little Owen.  The lady at the register even commented on how well behaved, polite and super cute he was in his glasses.  I laughed and asked her if she heard the screaming child in the store a few moments earlier and she kind of laughed.  I informed her that the sweet and polite little boy she was currently looking at was that super loud and misbehaving child she heard earlier.  I’m not sure she believed me though.

And although I may not have been smart enough to call it a day at the first temper tantrum during breakfast and bail on the tie dye plan, I was smart enough to know that everyone needed a nap prior to the family fun that was in store.

The plan was a successful one and everyone got in a nap and woke up in a great mood and we started tie dying!  I should probably let you know that Jim has never done tie dye and I haven’t since I was in Junior High.  This would not only be fun, but it would be an adventure as well.

The boys were so excited and couldn’t wait to help.  I let them add the salt and to the bowls and then the water.  And then they got to stir it.  I then added the actual dye and let them stir it all together.  They had a blast.

Owen laughed and laughed.  He found something to be really, really funny, but I have no idea what.  He just kept laughing.  And his laugh is contagious so you can’t help but laugh with him.  The best though is when he closes his eyes and laughs.  It’s truly his happy laugh.

And then they lost interest.  Completely.  And guess who ended up finishing up the shirts, cleaning the bowls and the kitchen and had to put everything away.  Bet you will never get this one right.

Right.  Mommy.  The last one standing for family fun time!  And the finished product?  I know you can’t wait to see how they turned out.

Aren’t they awesome?!  I love them!  This is a project we will definitely be doing again.  And if the family thought it was fun to shop for and make them, just wait until everyone has to wear them on the same day for a fun family photo!  I’m sure they will all love it.  Especially Jim.  He loves when I make him match or color cordinate the rest of the family.  Do you hear the sarcasm in that statement?? He hates when I make him be that family. But it’s just so darn fun.

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  1. They could ask it more time and be the same idea today.

  2. Love those, they turned out so cool 🙂 We need to do this soon:)

  3. Your tye dyed shirts look awesome! I used to run the Family Resource Center at Lowell School here in town. Every summer I would help with summer school. One of our favorite activities was to tye dye shirts and socks. You are so brave to tye dye in the house! We always set up everything outside on the sidewalk. The kids loved it! What a great family activity! Saw you on the blogfrog

  4. Love those shirts! They turned out really well, great job! That’s something I’ve always wanted to attempt with my kids. I know they’d love to try it, but I’ve been wanting to wait until they were old enough to do it for themselves, and help with the cleanup. I’ll have to give it a go soon.

    Found you on Blog Frog. You’re blog’s great, and I’m now GFC following you. Peace. 😉

  5. You are a brave, brave woman, Jean! But, the end result is awesome! If you do manage to get ALL of the boys to wear the matching shirt, you’ll have to take a pic! Wait, of course you will…but then you’ll need to scrapbook it! 🙂

  6. You are a brave mom! I don’t think I would try it. Love your blog and a new follower! Thanks for following mine! Hopefully we can share in our love for the boy raising.

    Peaceful Wishes,
    Melissa Jo

  7. It does look like you had great FUN!! They turned out AWESOME! ;D

    I always had matching shirts for our family when we’d vacation and such… it was easier to keep track of the munchkins that way. ;D Now I just try to get them to coordinate for a family portrait and I get moaning and groaning. GAH! Is that too much to ask??? This is from the ADULT children! *sigh*

  8. Love it! They turned out so great. I haven’t tie dyed since I was a kid. But we’ll have to do that some time when the boys are older (and so I don’t get stuck doing the whole thing by myself…)
    I think it’s a requirement of living in the South that families having matching tie dyes…;-)

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