30 Things in Almost 60 Days Before Summer Ends

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I spent most of the Spring thinking “I’ll get to that this summer.”  More specifically “I will organize all of our closets over the summer” or “Over the summer I’ll focus on rolling out new My Hello Designs products” or “We need to finish our backyard landscaping this summer.”

This is my favorite one though “Over the summer I’ll start running again

Let me clarify the running again portion of that statement.  When I lived in Minneapolis I attempted running for a brief moment and hated it.  I quit after about 3 runs.  I started again when I lived in Denver.  I liked it.  I can’t say I loved it, but I definitely liked it.  For some reason running at the higher altitude was much easier for me.  I have no idea why.  I ran for about 9-12 months on a regular basis (not daily, but regularly).  I never ran competitively, but I enjoyed it for myself.

And then I quit cold turkey.  That’s the way they say to give something up right?

I’ve toyed with the idea over the years to start again, but who is kidding who.  I really don’t like it that much so starting this hobby again is doubtful.  But I do have other things I would like to accomplish this summer.  And if I put them on my public blog maybe I’ll be held more accountable and will accomplish them.  Maybe. These are in no particular order and will be done randomly as I feel inclined to accomplish one and check them off my list.

Here it goes…

1.   Try at least 6 new recipes.
2.   Get caught up on Ryan and Owen’s scrapbooks.
3.   Clean my minivan.  And I mean clean it.
4.   Organize my closets (you know it had to make the list!).
5.   Finish decorating my office (new curtains, new headboard, new storage containers).
6.   Organize toy room.  This needs major help.
7.   Go skydiving.  (Just kidding mom!!  Wanted to see if you were still reading my blog! Haha!)
8.   Take a family vacation to MN/WI.  There are a few other places I want to go this year, but not before Sept. 1.
9.   Roll out new My Hello Designs products.
10.  Figure out a better dog crate solution.
11.  Simplify, sell and donate.
12.  Take a photography class.
13.  Visit the Georgia Aquarium with the boys. We haven’t been in a long time.
14.  Go on at least 2 date nights with the hubby.
15.  Read a book for fun.
16.  Extend the patio in backyard.
17.  Go see a movie in a theater.
18.  Take the boys on a bike ride in the bike trailer.
19.  Clean and organize the garage.  For good this time.
20.  Have more BBQs with friends.
21.  Be more patient.
22.  Move Owen to a big boy bed.
23.  Get a pedicure.
24.  Go out for ice cream.
25.  Research elementary schools for Ryan.
26.  Switch to USAA for all of our banking needs.
27.  Frame new pictures for our walls
28.  Go golfing.
29.  Organize our filing cabinet.  Seriously dreading this one.
30.  Try a new restaurant.

I got this list idea from Simple. Lovely. Life.  Check out her list of 30 Things in 30 Days Before Turning 30.

I haven’t been a total slacker this summer though.  A few of the things that I have already accomplished this include:

1.  Roll out My Hello Designs wedding invitations.
2.  Redesign my blog – Typical Suburban Family. Like it?
3.  Plant and tend to my own garden.
4.  Take the boys to the zoo.
5.  Go on bike rides.
6.  Go to Piedmont Park.
7.  Have had several BBQs with friends (but want to do more!).
8.  Go to the pool.

And there it is.  30 things to accomplish in the next 60ish days.  I’ll be updating and sharing as I accomplish each item so stay tuned.  And if you haven’t seen a post that mentions any of these tasks for awhile, please don’t hesitate to nudge me for an update.  I may need some help staying on track.  Especially when it comes to the organizing ones on the list.

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  1. I think it might take me all summer just to clean out my minivan, so you have an ambitious list!

  2. I had so much fun reading over your list this morning! It sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned. And by looking at your ‘already done’ list, it sounds like it’s already been pretty great!

    I completely understand the filing cabinet dread…urgh. We took one night to do that and it’s amazing how much better it feels. I hope you’ll share some of the recipes you try or pics of your new office. How fun!

  3. Great list ….great idea…to late I’m far past 30 lol

  4. Typical Suburban Family says:

    Ashley – there was a time I did want to go skydiving; however, I’ve lost that desire after having two kids and a hubby. My life somehow seems crazy enough without the airplane and parachute!!

    Firefly – I am DEFINITELY checking out your blog and will be making those POM Wonderful Banana Freeze. They look seriously delicious!!!

    Laura – Love your picture and blog post. It’s nice to reflect on memories like that. Those newborn days go by so quickly and in a fog with not a lot of sleep!!

    Sherri – us “runners” need to stick together. Even if we’re clinging onto a sport we didn’t so much care for many years ago 😉

    Daphne/Trisha – thanks for your comments. I’ll be checking out your blogs and following you back 🙂

  5. Wow, quite a list! I laughed about the running thing, I feel the same way. It’s funny, but I haven’t really run in years, but in my mind I am still a “runner”! Don’t even like it much, but it sure is the thing to do.

    I spent some time in the kid’s playroom last week and blogged about it. My kids are older (11 and 16) and it was really a trip down memory lane for me.

    Good luck with your list!

  6. Love your blog! I’m your newest follower! Please stop by and check out my blog!

  7. Great blog and GREAT list!!! 🙂 Hope you have a great day!!

  8. Nice list 🙂 I always have plans to do organizing and stuff like that in summer and never find the time. I do much better in spring and fall.

    BTW I can help you with #1 Try at least 6 new recipes. LOL I’m sure we can find you 6 new recipes on my site 😉

  9. That is quite a list! Even if you only get half done, it would be an awesome summer. I’m stopping by from Mom Loop, and I’m your newest Google Follower! Come check out my blog if you get a chance 🙂

  10. Just for the record, skydiving is really awesome!


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