Have You Ever Licked a Window?

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It started out innocently enough.  The boys and I were on the deck enjoying some fresh air and sunshine and talking about the deer and other wildlife in Big Canoe, GA.  That’s when Ryan spotted all of the family inside the house through the large picture window.    Of course him and Owen go running over to knock on the window and wave to everyone.

Everyone was waving back.  It was really an innocent interaction.  At first.

And then the laughter started.  I didn’t know exactly what was so funny since I was on the outside and could only see the back of the boys and couldn’t hear indoor conversations.

Yep.  That’s when I realize that Ryan was licking the perfectly clean window.  Oh, and not just licking it, but running his tongue all the way across it.

So that bought both boys a ticket to window cleaning.  Some might think of this as a punishment, but not for my boys!  They love to clean and were jumping up and down clapping when I told them they needed to clean Grandmom’s window.  Go figure.

They spent the next 20 minutes cleaning the window over and over and over again.  Not because it needed to be cleaned that many times, but because they were loving using the squeegee with daddy’s assistance.

So if anyone needs their windows cleaned, just give me a call.  I have two experienced boys who would love to come over.  Granted, they may lick your window first, but none-the-less you’ll have clean windows by the time we leave.

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  1. I love this, Jean! Next time you’re in MN, let me know – the boys can teach Ava how to clean the windows!

  2. I haven’t licked a window, but I have hugged a tree…its a lovely feeling.
    Your boys a beautiful.. Well done, great mum !!!
    God Bless you all from Australia

  3. oh you were right!
    This is a cute picture.
    Helping Daddy is always fun Right?

  4. Wow. I am wondering how you got them to like it so much! I could sure use their help around here. Waaay too many windows to do! When they get bigger they should go into business as professional cleaning service. they certainly seem to love it!

  5. That is so cute! I am slowly learning that boys will be boys, and half the time that means I don’t understand what/why they are doing what they are doing. At least you have cute little helpers. Let me know if you are ever in CA 😉

  6. I think teaching children that cleaning up is fun and part of life helps them not see it as such a chore when they are growing up

  7. They can sit right there next to my puppy, who thinks licking the window is part of her job!

    I’m wondering how many other household chores you can get these guys to do….do you think they would lick laundry? Hardwood floors?

    Love the pics! Cute post..

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