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Organization in our household has been lacking lately.  I don’t know what to do with all the random little toys that seem to make their way into our house.  I would like for things to be coordinated by toy type and then by color (my OCD kicking in), but then I realize if they get off the floor and into baskets that would make me happy enough.  And sometimes you just have to go with enough.

A few months ago I found some material that I liked and I made curtains for our laundry room and a curtain for our cat’s litter box (which is also housed in the laundry room).  I extended the pattern into the hallway and covered our bulletin board with this fun, green fabric.

Over the last few months I’ve covered random containers (lemonade cans, formula cans and boxes) to store markers, crayons and paints in.  And then this last weekend I purchased more and brought the fabric into our toy room (which is off of our hallway where our laundry room is).  I decided to cover a box and add a little color to a plastic container we had leftover from popcorn.

Who wants boring random boxes laying around their house?

With a hot glue gun, some scissors and twenty toddler fingers trying to help hold the fabric, this is the final product!

What kind of creative projects have you made with common household items?

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  1. Hi, love your idea. I also use lots of spray paint and fabric. Submerge the fabric in liquid starch, wring out and wrap around container. Cut to size, and voila, you are done. You could varnish for protection.

  2. So adorable! You are a master with that hot glue gun, lol. I would start a project like that right now if I had some glue sticks, I ran out a few weeks ago and never managed to replace them. This idea is so cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. That looks so awesome! I need to make some for my office 🙂 I made some from the shoe boxes a while back, but it’s time for new ones! Love the fabric you are using!

  4. One time I covered a kellog box with cow contact paper. I keep it to the left of the TV and put the booklets for all the media stuff. dvd player, tv, etc. I made this over 10 years ago and it still works. I guess contact paper is strong. I put my bread in a long rectangle basket on top of the refrig. Much nicer than random pieces of bread. I’m always looking for something new to do. The fabric you used is so pretty but still neutral for all those uses.

  5. Cool post! My husband eats a ton of popcorn every month so I take the old popcorn kernel bottles, clean them out, cover them in fabric and put rice or lentils inside to make shakers. My daughter loves them. I also saved old baby jars and put spices in them (I hate the plastic bags they sometimes get sold in).

  6. It’s look nice I might copy 🙂

  7. I think these are fabulous, thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Love the fabric! Those turned out great!

  9. OK, those are adorable! I love the fabric, too, and you could do so many different things. Anything organizational and I’m in!

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