Tomato Thief

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We’ve been nurturing and tending to our garden all Spring.  We’ve (meaning I) have spent countless hours watering it, weeding it and watching it grow.  We’ve enjoyed some peas and cucumbers already and are anxious for the sweet corn, beans and peppers and tomatoes to be ready to eat.

The tomatoes have been growing like crazy and we have about 15 or so of them getting bigger and ripening as we speak.  The other day I picked a few to see if they would ripen faster in the house.  We set them on the window ledge and have been watching them intently for a few days now.

The plan was working and one of the tomatoes was getting redder and redder.  Ryan would examine them and discuss each day how we couldn’t eat them until they turned red.  Him and Owen would stand there and just stare at the tomatoes.

A few days ago Ryan brought me the tomato and very excitedly  exclaimed “It’s red momma!  It’s red!  We can eat it now!”

It wasn’t quite ready to be eaten so I asked Ryan to put it back and we could probably have it for dinner the next night.  Surprisingly he listened (the first time I asked) and the tomato went back to it’s home on the window ledge.  And then a few minutes later Owen came carrying the tomato exclaiming “Eat momma!  Eat!”

And it was too late.  He actually did eat it.

The evidence

Oh well.  Better luck with the next tomato!  What veggies have you been eating out of your Spring garden?

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  1. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  2. We just had our first hot banana pepper tonight with dinner…the tomatoes are next. I can’t wait!

  3. Wow, how cool that you already have tomatoes…even if you didn’t get to eat that one! We have little green ones, but the plants seem sturdy and happy. We had so much rain this winter, so we’ll see!

    Love your new blog! You must be quite the techie blog wizard, since most of this moving/hosting stuff is still greek to me!


  1. […] get them past being small and green without something enjoying them. And it’s not me nor our tomato thief from earlier in the […]

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