A Boy and His Trucks

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It doesn’t matter how big or small the boy is they definitely love their trucks!  And the bigger the truck the better.  And if it is a tractor trailer truck…. even better!

In Atlanta there are always a million (slight exaggeration) tractor trailer trucks on the freeways and the boys love it.  With each and everyone they see they exclaim “Woo!  Biiiiiig truck!”

Yep, everyone of them.  So yes, we do hear “Woo!  Biiiiig truck!” approximately a million times.  And that is no exaggeration since we are hearing it out of the mouths of two toddlers.

It’s no different if it’s the small Matchbox kind.  Tractor trailers are a big hit with those type too.  Oh, and trash trucks.  The boys have a strange obsession with trash trucks.  But that will be for another post. I can’t even imagine what they would do if we had the MBX Super Convoy Assortment.  They would be ecstatic!  They would literally go nuts.

The other morning Owen and Ryan were intently playing with their Home Depot tractor trailer and it was too cute to not capture.  Plus they were actually sharing and cooperating so that was worth documenting in itself.

With daddy gone all weekend in MA for a family funeral we had to keep busy somehow.  And luckily the trucks were a good source of entertainment while mommy made lunch.  What things do you entertain your kids with while preparing meals?

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  2. Max always says “Ohh big tractor”.

    We really do have very similiar little boys!

  3. Boys would always love their trucks.. and you have taken such wonderful pictures to capture these moments.

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