Growing our own Groceries

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I wasn’t so sure I’d ever be able to tell you that we are eating fresh veggies from the garden.  But we are!

The boys are addicted to the peas.  Although Ryan calls them seeds.  “Mommy.  O-wee and Ryan need some seeds.  Can you get us some seeds from the garden?”

We also have some beans growing now and our tomatoes are doing great.  We have a bunch growing and getting bigger, but none that are turning red yet.

And this weekend, literally overnight we discovered some cucumbers growing.  And we ate one!  It was delicious.  Well, Ryan and Owen didn’t like it and daddy wasn’t in the mood for it, so mommy enjoyed every last bite of it.  And boy was it good.

Ryan showing off the cucumber from the garden!

First cucumber from the garden

How is your garden doing?  What fresh veggies are you eating out of it already?

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  1. Yummy! Isn’t it fun to have all those fresh veggies? And wonderful your boys eat them too! We have beans, and lots of lettuce, so we’ve been eating lots of salads so far. The tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, and carrots are all still in the works. Getting anxious!

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