Two Peas in a Pod

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Am I referring to the inseparable brothers who do absolutely everything together and mimic each others every move?

Or I am referring to the pea pods that are now thriving in my garden?

We discovered the pea pods on Friday and have been enjoying eating them all weekend fresh from the garden.  Yum!  Who would have thought that we’d be eating fresh veggies so soon after we planted our garden?  I wasn’t expecting to have anything edible until much later in the summer.  I guess I thought that because I grew up in Wisconsin and that far north you can’t even plant a garden until end of May or into June.  But here in Atlanta we had our garden planted the middle of April.  Those are some of the perks to this ridiculously hot and humid weather we’ve been having lately.

Our garden started here and now we’ve grown it to this.

Yay me!  I’m officially a gardener.  And not the kind I was doubting here. But don’t ask about the peach tree.  That’s a sad, sad story that I will share later this week.  I’m hopeful that I’ve managed to save it and don’t want to report on it has made a complete comeback.  Doesn’t sound good huh?!

Interested in reading more from other garden bloggers?  Here are a few I suggest:  Feet off the Table, Dreamfarm Girl, and It Keeps Getting Better.  If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

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  1. Love fresh peas. Yum.

  2. Lookin’ great! Peas fresh from the garden are the best!
    You’re right, my Wisconsin garden is about a month behind yours. My pea plants are only about 6 inches high and no sign of peppers quite yet…

    What is that last photo? Corn?

    You’re linked up for Garden Monday!

    • Yes, the last photo is corn. Since the boys are obsessed with corn on the cob I’m hoping this produces many ears of it! I’m adding your link to my post as well.

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