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As you know we have been working hard on our backyard this summer.  We’ve cleared the hill of the insane amounts of overgrown weeds; we’ve planted both a vegetable garden and a flower garden; we’ve been digging up bushes that had become diseased; we’ve planted new cedar trees and we’ve been on a search for a playset.

So what are our ultimate plans with this newly renovated backyard?  Well, we’re not entirely sure yet…. but we do have some ideas.  I came across a website a few weeks ago that has given me some great ideas for where to take our backyard.  It’s a company called Outdora and they sell everything outdoors.

Our backyard has so much potential, but it’s not easy to figure out what to do and how.  We have a decent size yard, but unfortunately we have that crazy hill taking up a good portion of it.  And while we’d love to push the yard back some and install a retaining wall, it’s just too expensive right now.  So we’re moving on to other plans.

One of the things we have enjoyed the most about our yard is grilling out.  Outdoor cooking is far better than anything that could be made on your stove and/or in your oven.  Why is that?

Since we dug up the diseased bushes along our house we have decided that we are going to extend our patio over into that area which will provide more outdoor living space along with a larger grilling area.  We currently have a small concrete patio already so we are trying to figure out how best to incorporate what we already have with what we want to put down for our new extended patio.  We have a great nook space that we can hopefully use to build a small outdoor kitchen area with an outdoor fridge perhaps??  I have already shown Jim where and how I want more planters built with a bench connecting them.

I also want to add in an area for a wood burning cast iron ring.  I absolutely and positively love bonfires.  I know I’ve mentioned that before in one of my Tuesday Ten posts, but there is nothing like sitting around the fire at night, roasting marshmallows and listening to the popping of the fire.

But before we move forward with any definite plans we need to first draw out our outdoor living blue prints.  And with that comes a lot of research.  Jim has been busy trying to find outdoor flooring options and I’ve been spending my free time researching outdoor fridges and wood burning cast iron rings.  I think I got the better end of that deal because I found both on one site! I even have my eye on a new Barbecue grill now!  Who would have thought it would be that easy?!

No final decisions have been made yet though because we’re still trying to work through the play set options and we need to be sure that everything will fit into our space and still leave room for the boys to golf with Delta.  Because if we don’t, we’ll have one sad little puppy!  She is definitely addicted to the game of wiffle ball golf.

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  1. I know you will, but you MUST post pics as these outdoor plans come to life. I’m sure with your creativity and Jim’s handyman skills, it will look amazing!

  2. Jillian says:

    Have you thought about adding a composter? It is a great way to get rid of your indoor food trash, and a great way to add lush, rich soil to your garden…simple way to give back to the earth, which has provided you with so much. xoxo

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